Meeting Minutes – 02/22/2023 meeting, 12pm-2pm, Linfield Hall 306. 

In Attendance: Megan Shroyer, John Grande, Bob Lowry (Chair), Greg Gilpin, Kate Koller


Called to order: 12:22pm 

  1. Purpose ratification 
    1. No requests to amend. Bob motions to approve, Megan second. MOTION PASSED. All in favor. DAEE External Advisory Board Purpose.docx 
  2. EAB Bylaws: 
    1. Second read. Secretary will keep list of potential Board members, not DH. Clarifying chair and member terms. Added a rest period of two years between service once max hits. Removal clause for members.  John to approve, Bob second. MOTION PASSED. All in favor. DAEE EAB By-Laws 01 19 2022.docx 
  3. Selecting Chair of External Advisory Board 
    1. Megan nominates Bob, John seconds. MOTION PASSED. All in favor. Bob Lowry will serve as Chair of EAB for a two-year term. Bob has accepted.  
  4. Program objectives for all programs: 
    1. EAB reviewed program objectives, would like the faculty to consider: 
      1. Reviewing Econ and Ag Bus and add E Fin #4 and #5 (minimum),  
      2. Removing #3 (Ag Bus) and #6 (Econ).  
      3. Go beyond #5 for M.S Economics (look at Fin E #6), maybe combine #3 and #4. 
    2. EAB secretary to send recommendations along to Resident Instruction Committee.  


Due Dates and Action Items: 

  1. Next scheduled meeting is September 13, 12pm-2pm.  
  2. Agenda to be sent to EAB members by August 29. 
  3. Secretary to submit EAB program objective recommendations. 


Agenda items for next time: 

  • Department information: secretary to provide information on student and community groups connected to DAEE by August 29. 
  • New EAB member nomination:Consider nominations for additional EAB member, recent graduates within 3-5 years. Members to bring recommendations. Potential info source: DAEE alumni placements_Sept2022.xlsx.ods 
  • Recommendations for community projects. 


Adjourn at 2:04pm.