DAEE External Advisory Board 

Meeting Minutes – 11-03-2022 meeting, 12pm-2pm, Linfield Hall 306. 

In Attendance: Bob Lowry, John Grande, Megan Shroyer, Greg Gilpin, Kate Koller 


Board Introductions 

  1. Megan Shroyer: 5th generation calf/cow operation + Montana President at Northwest Farm Credit Services, lives in White Sulphur Springs.  
  2. John Grande: Cow/calf operations dating back to 1877, located between Ringling and Martinsdale with some cattle in the Absorkees; previously served on Animal and Range Sciences Advisory Board. 
  3. Bob Lowry: Originally from PA, serviced tri state area. Works in commercial banking in Bozeman, helping small businesses prosper (as a small business(es) owner himself).  
  4. Greg Gilpin: Department head for the Department, been at MSU since 2009, DH since 2016. 
  5. Kate Koller: Business Operations Manager, Secretary for EAB.  

Introduction to EAB by Greg Gilpin 

  1. The goal of establishing an External Advisory Board for the DAEE is to provide recommendations to improve department outcomes, providing an outside perspective. DAEE programs focus on post-grad outcomes; local industry who employ our graduates are a valuable resource. 

Bylaw Review 

  1. The EAB reviewed and edited Bylaws in real time during the meeting. Edited version of bylaws can be found here: DAEE EAB By-Laws 01 19 2022.docx 
  2. The EAB will review the Bylaws and vote to ratify during the next meeting. 
  3. Mission, Values, Expected Outcomes, Goals of Board 
  4. The EAB reviewed the Department’s mission, vision and values and created a purpose for the board. The draft purpose is listed below.  
  5. Draft Purpose: Improve the quality of our programs by facilitating engagement between faculty, students, industry and communities through enhancement in curriculum, courses, faculty composition, outreach, scholarship, and infrastructure.   
  6. The EAB will review the Draft Purpose and vote to ratify during the next meeting.  

Next Board Meeting 

  1. Department Head membership and attendance: DH is an ex-officio member of the EAB and will attend all meetings.  
  2. Frequency and location: The EAB will meet in the DAEE on MSU’s Bozeman campus. Next meeting will be February 22nd, 12pm-2pm.  

Homework for EAB: 

  1. Review bylaws for next meeting’s vote 
  2. Review Draft Purpose for next meeting’s vote 
  3. Review information provided by DAEE in today’s EAB meeting: program guide, newsletters 

Due Dates and Action Items: 

  1. DAEE to have additional information to EAB by January 1, 2023.  
  2. Requests for additional information, presentations, guest speakers for February 22, 2023 meeting are due to DAEE Secretary by February 1, 2023.  

Next EAB meeting on February 23, 2022, 12pm-2pm, Linfield Hall 306.