College of Education, Health and Human Development
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Framework


In the fall of 2016, Montana State University began work to create a comprehensive diversity and inclusion framework and plan for furthering the work and place of these efforts and integration at MSU. The College of Education, Health and Human Development then began work on its own plan. The following is the EHHD Plan aligned with the expectations and framework of the MSU Diversity and Inclusion Framework. In the Framework, five themes are outlined along with primary goals to address how to cultivate an inclusive environment for students, faculty, and staff at Montana State University. An external, working document and assessment plan exists to monitor and manage specific contributions to the actions and goals of this plan.

Theme: Campus Climate and Intergroup Relations

Goal: Create a civil, supportive and respectful environment where difference is a source of strength.

EHHD Strategies:

  • Support campus-wide efforts for assessment of campus climate (An EHHD sub-committee is actively working on assessment in the college and beyond)
  • Provide transparent plans and data on diversity related demographics and outcomes in EHHD
  • Offer student support opportunities that give space for reflection, sharing of experience, and suggestions


Theme: Education and Scholarship

Goal: Equip students, faculty, and staff with the knowledge, experience and competencies necessary to eradicate biases and discrimination and to be successful in a multicultural international, pluralistic society.

EHHD Strategies:

  • Provide on-going training, professional development, and resources for EHHD faculty and staff around diversity, equity, and inclusion topics and integration
  • Encourage participation and offer incentives for campus-wide efforts and opportunities
  • Foster a culture of curiosity, reflection, integration, growth, and openness to discussion (related to professional development activities in DEI).


Theme: Access and Success

Goal: Recruit, promote the success of, and foster a sense of security and belonging for a diverse student body, faculty and staff.

EHHD Strategies:

  • Actively recruit, retain, and advance a diverse community of faculty, staff, and students with a special emphasis on underrepresented and/or marginalized populations.
  • Support efforts to dismantle bias in EHHD and campus systems and procedures (i.e. implicit bias trainings for scholarship committees, award committees, conduct officers and hearing officers, faculty, staff)
  • Support scholarship and financial aid programs to ensure an EHHD education is accessible to underrepresented students
  • Broaden access for underrepresented groups to EHHD programs
  • Increase engagement of students in underrepresented groups to support their academic success and retention.
  • Work to combat structural inequality by supporting efforts to dismantle bias


Theme: Leadership and Accountability

Goal: Provide strong, active and visible leadership for diversity, equity and inclusion.

EHHD Strategies:

  • EHHD leaders will model strong, active and visible leadership for diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.
  • Maintain an EHHD DEI Committee with sub-committees who work to realize this framework and plan.
  • Honor diversity with inclusive design and decor in EHHD spaces


Theme: Communication

Goal: Increase the campus community’s and general public’s appreciation for the value of diversity and Montana State University through active communication to highlight underrepresented people.

EHHD Strategies:

  • Celebrate and make visible the achievements and contributions of faculty and staff, students and alumni from underrepresented and/or marginalized groups.
  • Maintain public facing website to ensure diverse representation, and to communicate shared understanding of social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Support faculty and staff efforts that promote student awareness of social justice issues, cultural humility, and global understanding.
  • Utilize College communications to educate EHHD constituents about diversity equity, and inclusion resources and opportunities for further learning
  • Uphold the following communication values: transparent, openness, honest dialogue, collaboration, consensus