The College of Education, Health and Human Development is at work in every corner of Montana.

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We are actively serving six of Montana’s seven Reservations.

Our research, training, and health promotion work are helping communities change.  Through education and training we are helping Montanans lead better lives.

Many of our graduates choose to remain in Montana as teachers, community service workers, and nutrition experts.

Here are some specific ways in which you can help: 

Funding Goals

College of EHHD Dean’s Excellence Fund

The Dean’s Fund supports programs, activities, scholarships, seed grants, and other opportunities in the college.

College of EHHD Scholarships

The scholarship account supports general student scholarships, travel scholarships that allow students to present research at state, regional, and national professional conferences, and a scholarship to support EHHD students to use towards international education travel with an MSU study abroad or EHHD sponsored international experience.

Education General Support

Funds support the academic and research programs and activities in the Department of Education.

College of EHHD Visiting Professor

The purpose of the fund is to support teaching, mentoring and research through a rotating faculty position. Funds are to recruit a notable scholar or professional.

Health and Human Development General Support

Funds are used to support the programs and activities of the Department of Health and Human Development.

College of EHHD Student Teacher Scholarships

Funds are used to support students who choose to student teach in a rural Montana setting.

After School Partnership

The funds provide educational and outreach support for the director of the MSU After School Initiative. After school programs are in over 20 area schools and MSU education students provide enrichment activities for the program, which is a partnership between MSU, Bozeman Public Schools and the Greater Gallatin United Way.

Center for Bilingual & Multicultural Education

The fund provides program support for the center and focuses on the revitalization and maintenance of Indigenous languages, the development of an English as–a-second language endorsement program to prepare K-12 educators to support students’ academic English literacy skills, and a variety of projects designed to promote social justice by increasing cultural sensitivity.

Center for Research on Rural Education

Funds are used to develop, conduct and disseminate research to support and strengthen rural education and leadership in Montana.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

The purpose of the fund is to support the University’s Extension program, Montana Grandparents Raising Grandchildren. The fund assists the support groups by connecting them with available community resources and provides information through education groups, newsletters, a web site, and an annual conference for grandparents or other relatives raising children.

Movement Science/Human Factors Endowment

Funds will support, equip and maintain the movement science laboratory, and be utilized as grant funds to support the biomechanics research in the Department of Health and Human Development’s health and human performance major.

Montana Dietetic Internship

The fund provides program support and scholarships for students enrolled in MSU’s Montana Dietetic Internship program.

Family & Consumer Sciences

The funds are used to support students, activities, and programs that were traditionally known as home economics.

Tribal College Leadership Fund

Funds will be used to develop and promote exemplary leadership among tribal college administrators (present and future) wanting to enhance meeting the mission of their respective institutions.