Leadership Fellows Certificate Pillars of Study

The thematic pillars of leadership for the proposed minor in Leadership Studies have been identified as Leader as Individual, Leader and Community, and Global Leadership. These areas represent important leadership areas of scholarship and focus on practical applications of leading.

Courses within the Leader as Individual pillar explore leadership from an intrapersonal perspective of self-knowledge and self-management. These two three-credit course offerings include:


Courses within the Leader and Community pillar explore leadership on the interpersonal level and involve a sociological systems approach to leading, including effective communication skills within a community. Three three-credit courses within the Leader and Community pillar include:

Two three-credit courses within the Global Leadership pillar represent the global exploration, consideration, and application of leadership with particular emphasis on cultural humility. Courses include:

  • HLD 491: Global Leadership & Cultural Humility
  • All study abroad courses offered by MSU and/or Leadership Fellows

Other Courses: A variety of elective courses currently offered under the HLD prefix and approved by Leadership Fellows align well as applied coursework in leadership studies. These one- and two-credit courses include:

  • HLD 102: Leadership Explorations
  • HLD 460: Student Leader Training
  • HLD 464: Student Assistant Candidate Training
  • HLD 491: Surge Leadership
  • HLD 494: AdvoCat Seminar

These courses also provide valuable opportunities for students to actively exercise leadership in different capacities across MSU. Continuing to include these electives as part of the proposed Leadership Studies minor synergistically strengthens both the minor and the programs to which they belong.