EHHD Simple Budget Template 2022            
  Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Total
Faculty    $        -  $        -      $         -
Benefits            -            -            -                 -
Faculty              -            -                 -
Benefits            -            -            -                 -
Professional              -            -                 -
Benefits            -            -            -                 -
Graduate students              -            -                 -
Benefits            -            -            -                 -
Undergraduates              -            -                 -
Benefits            -            -            -                 -
Subtotal salaries            
Subtotal benefits            
Total Salary and Benefits            
Contracted Services  $        -  $        -  $        -  $        -  $        -             -
Publication                       -
Communications & Supplies            -            -            -            -            -             -
Travel - Domestic            -            -            -            -            -             -
Travel - Foreign            -            -            -            -            -             -
Repairs and Maintenance                       -
Equipment                       -
Awards                       -
Participant Support            
Stipend                       -
Travel                       -
Sustenance                       -
Other                       -
Total Direct Costs (TDC)            
Facilities & Administration (Indirect Costs)            
Total Costs            
COLA 1.02          
F&A RATE 0.44          
FACULTY 37% we recommend using the “MSU-paid Benefits Computation” 
POST-DOC 35% worksheet at for final 
GRADUATE 1% benefits numbers for part-time or low-paid staff.
UNDERGRADUATE 1% 9% if fewer than 6 credits
CLERICAL 47%          
EHHD Budget Template Directions            
1. The benefits formula uses the percent-of-salary fractions shown in the dark purple print at the bottom of the page. If you need to add salary lines, be sure to add Benefits row formulas as well. 
2. Separate spreadsheets are provided (as you'll see on the tabbed line at the bottom of the page) to help you come up with the amounts that belong in the Template budget, since often the amounts for "Contracted Services," "Communications," "Travel," "Materials & Supplies," and "Subcontracts" are composite figures.
You will note that the cells on the "Budget Overview" (primary) spreadsheet for those items refer to the sums set to calcuate on the spreadsheets that feed into the primary spreadsheet.  Again, be sure that if you add rows to any of these sub-sheets, that the summary formulas reflect all the entries. 
3. You'll see that "direct costs" on the spreadsheet are divided between "Modified Total Direct Costs" and the "non-MTDC" total, which includes tuition payments for graduate students, and costs and stipends for "participants" (e.g. research subjects or community partners).   This is because the latter budget items are exempted from the total on which F&A are figured as a percentage. So on this budget spreadsheet, the F&A are figured on the Modified Total Direct Costs, and then the total sums both types of Direct costs plus Indirect costs.  
4. F&A can be charged only on the first $25,000 in a subcontracted (subaward) portion of a grant.  So when a subcontract adds up to more than $25,000 in a year no additional IDCs are charged to the granting agency for the extra increment of the subcontract.  So, if you have a subcontract that amounts to more than $25,000 in a given year, be sure to change the formula so that the under-25,000 fragmentand the over-25,000 fragments are entered on the apppropriate lines.    
5. If you are planning a muli-year grant, you may want to build an annual "cost-of-living" (COLA) increase onto out-year salaries.  The built-in formula for salaries in Years 2-5 multiplies the previous year's salary by the COLA rate shown in cell B47.  So if you want to assume 3% salary increases each year, you should change the figure in the COLA row to 1.03.  Even though MUS policy may not allow the increases you budget for, it's a good idea to build in the cushion just in case!
6. The MSU "F&A" or "IDC" rate can vary according to the type of activity funded.  These rates are noted on Sponsored Programs' Information Sheet.  In addition, granting agencies may vary their Indirect Cost (AKA "Overhead," or "Facilities & Administration") rates.  If the IDC rate for your project is other than 42.5%, be sure to change the figure in "F&A RATE" row accordingly to ensure the proper IDCs are calculated in this budget.