AY 2022-23 EHHD Internal Grant

Is there an interdisciplinary research direction where you see an opportunity to develop a research team?  The College of Education, Health and Human Development will award Interdisciplinary Research Team Development Grants up to $8,000 (Phase 1) or up to $20,000 (Phase 2) to support the launch of an interdisciplinary initiative.  Activities might include travel to team meetings, facilitated retreats, team building expenses, speaker and mentor fees, costs associated with other team development tools, program officer visits, preliminary data collection and analysis, and external grant proposal development.  Additionally, the Office of Scholarship Development and Academic Impact (OSDAI) will interface with funded teams to provide support and liaison to EHHD and MSU resources.


Eligible:  TT Faculty in EHHD can serve as PI

Rolling Deadline with final deadline of January 13, 2023




Please submit a 2-3 page document (Word or pdf) with the following information:

  1. PI Name and CO-PI names (if applicable) or description of expertise needed.  The PI should be an EHHD faculty member; including team members outside of EHHD and/or community partners is an option.  
  2. Project title.
  3. Description of the interdisciplinary research direction and its significance.  What is your starting point and what is prompting you to apply? Phase 1 projects may begin more broadly with a goal of exploring potential research targets and developing the team. Phase 2 projects are expected to work toward a deliverable outcome, e.g. submission of a proposal.
  4. Description of how the project supports the research agenda of the Principal Investigator(s)
  5. Description of how this project aligns with the MSU or EHHD Strategic Plan Goals, Grand Challenges, and/or our EHHD Diversity & Inclusion Plan.
  6. Description of how seed grant funds will be used and current budget needs.  This could be Phase 1 of a project, or a later phase if your group is already established.  Other budget requests may be considered as the team develops.  Phase 1 budget items might include facilitated team meetings, team building activities or travel to team meetings.  Phase 2 budget items might include expenses associated with preliminary data collection and analysis or expenses associated with external grant proposal development.


Application information & Award conditions:

  • Deadline: rolling during AY 2022-23
  • Please submit your application to: Elizabeth Bird.
  • EHHD Leadership Team and the Office of Scholarship Development and Academic Impact will serve as the review committee for evaluating and prioritizing applications.
  • Awardees will attend an EHHD fiscal training before funds can be spent.
  • Awardees must have attended (or plan to attend) OSP’s PI training.
  • The deadline for expending funds will be determined at the time of the award, usually within the current or next fiscal year.  


Criteria for Evaluation:

  1. PI readiness and capacity for engaging in a new initiative (20%)
  1. Identification of the overarching team qualities needed and interdisciplinary innovations that the team might be positioned to deliver (30%)

       3. Likelihood of the project eventually leading to a significant external grant submission (30%)

       4. Budget clarity for the current phase of the project (20%)