How to “Sign Up” to Serve as a Proposal Reviewer


First read this page about the Early Career Reviewer program and see if you meet NIH requirements:

Then follow the directions about submitting your CV.

Alternatively, go to and identify the most relevant study section you’d be interested in serving on and contact the respective “SRO” with a CV and an expression of your interest in serving on the specific study

section. If appropriate, you could include a comment that you’re aware that NIH has a policy of engaging NIH-inexperienced researchers as either ad hoc or supplemental study section reviewers in a new CSR program called the “early career reviewer” and note that you’re keen to learn about how to be an effective reviewer as well as learn about what makes for effective grant proposals.


Identify the program you’d like to review for, and the relevant program officer.

Read: and follow the instructions for submitting your 2-page CV.


IES (US Department of Education)

Standards and Review Office staff identify and recruit highly qualified reviewers primarily on the basis of the quality of the research they have conducted and published in scientific peer- reviewed journals and the degree to which they are in-depth experts in the relevant research methods and subject matter. IES conducts research grant review panels in a number of areas, including a) Education Systems and Broad Reform Research, b) Mathematics and Science Education Research, c) Reading, Writing, and Language Development Research, d) Social and Behavioral Education Research, e) Basic Processes, f) Special Education, g) Early Intervention and Early Childhood Education Research, h) Statistics and Modeling, and i) Education and Special Education Research Training. SRO staff are responsible for identifying and recruiting researchers with recognized expertise in relevant areas to participate on these review panels, and for engaging in other activities to ensure that proposals submitted to IES grant competitions receive high-quality, appropriate reviews.


Deputy Director for Science

Specialties and Functions: Standards and Review Address:

Institute of Education Sciences

555 New Jersey Ave, NW, Room 602F Washington, DC 20208-5500

Telephone: (202) 219-2247 Email: [email protected]


U.S. Department of Education

Create a login at:

When it asks you to complete the registration process, select “Reviewer”.

Then fill in the Reviewer Profile Information, Education, Specialization, Work Experience, Reader Experience. Under Documents upload your resume. Under Preferences, select the available competition you would like to serve for.


U.S. Department of Agriculture

“We select reviewers based upon their training and experience in relevant scientific, extension, or education fields, taking into account the following factors: (a) The level of relevant formal scientific, technical education, or extension experience of the individual, as well as the extent to which an individual is engaged in relevant research, education, or extension activities; (b) the need to include as reviewers experts from various areas of specialization within relevant scientific, education, or extension fields; (c) the need to include as reviewers other experts (e.g., producers, range or forest managers/operators, and consumers) who can assess relevance of the applications to targeted audiences and to program needs; (d) the need to include as reviewers experts from a variety of organizational types (e.g., colleges, universities, industry, state and federal agencies, and private profit and non-profit organizations) and geographic locations; (e) the need to maintain a balanced composition of reviewers with regard to minority and female representation and an equitable age distribution; and (f) the need to include reviewers who can judge the effective usefulness to producers and the general public of each application.”


To volunteer, contact the National Program Leader (NPL) listed for the program area of interest, to volunteer as either an external/ad hoc reviewer or a review panel member. The NPL may issue you an application.