Full Research Report

Individual Reports

Effects of confinement vs cover crop-grazing on lamb performance, carcass quality and parasite loads

Plant community response to herbicide application for noxious weeds in rangelands

Optimizing boron maintenance fertilization for alfalfa (medicago sativa l.) in Montana

Evaluating the use of BMR corn as an acceptable forage source for grazing cattle

Nine year dry matter production of 39 grass entries in central Montana

Long-term progesterone influence on feed efficiency, body composition, non-esterified fatty acids and
metabolic hormones in mature Rambouillet ewes

Montana producers' response to cover crop survey

Thermogenesis, blood metabolites and hormones, and growth of lambs born to ewes supplemented with
algae-derived docosahexaenoic acid

Combined herbivory by targeted sheep grazing and biological control insects to suppress spotted knapweed

Elk foraging site selection on foothill and mountain rangeland in spring

Survey of serum trace mineral concentrations in weaned Montana ram lambs

Indices of body composition and repeatability of residual feed intake in growing Columbia ewes
fed the same diet

Application of the Ovine InfiniumĀ® HD SNP BeadChip to Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

Impacts of zinc, manganese, and copper source on mature bull sperm quality, trace mineral status,
and performance

Effects of increasing sugar beets on steer backgrounding performance

Relationship between current temperament measures and physiological responses to handling
of feedlot cattle