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Individual Reports

Follicular development of beef heifers exposed to bulls during an estrus synchronization protocol that included a 14-day CIDR, PGF, and timed artificial insemination (AI) and GnRH

Identification of genetic markers and QTL for carcass quality traits within the American Simmental Association Carcass Merit Program

Inoculation and soil fertility management to optimize pulse crop yield and protein

Evaluating the effect of South African Meat Merino breeding on pre- and post-weaning growth, feedlot performance, carcass traits, and wool characteristics

Forage nitrate analysis: what method to use?

Pea protein: Measurement, management, and drought impact

How far do guard dogs roam from their sheep?

Factors affecting ewe somatic cell count and its relationship with lamb weaning weight in extensively managed flocks

Beaver-mediated riparian restoration: Understanding habitat conditions associated with new colonies

Molecular pathways for muscle and adipose tissue are altered between animals classed as choice or standard

Effects of livestock grazing management on occupancy of Mesocarnivores in a northern mixed-grass prairie ecosystem