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Individual Reports

Creating grazing habitat management strategies for a national wildlife refuge

Gene expression of skeletal muscle of red faced Hereford steers

Recovery and viability of sulfur Cinquefoil seeds from the feces of sheep and goats

Influence of long-term progesterone on feed efficiency and body composition in mature Rambouillet ewes

Preliminary study of the influence of 2,4-D on the digestibility of ensiled lawn clippings and the level of acceptance by lambs

Forage quality, intake, and wastage by ewes in swath grazing and bale feeding systems

Carcass characteristics and body composition of lambs selected for divergent residual feed intake

Effects of pasture vs. drylot flushing on ewe body weight change and number of lambs born 

Individual mineral supplement intake by ewes swath grazing or confinement fed pea-barley forage

Effects of supplementation of expired human foodstuffs on intake and digestion by wethers fed a base diet of grass hay and alfalfa/barley pellets

The impact of supplemental salt form, diet, and feeding location on salt intake in weaned lambs

Emergence and growth of Tall Buttercup (Ranunculus acris L.) seedlings along a soil moisture gradient

Impacts from winter-early spring elk grazing in Foothills Rough Fescue Grassland

Sheep grazing for field pea cover crop termination in a winter wheat production system