The FSA Production and Financial Management Training Workshops are continuing education sessions on financial and production agriculture.   

The sessions cover family business issues, goals and assessments, pasture and crop leases, agricultural outlook, risk management and crop and livestock insurance, crop production, crop and livestock marketing, mechanics of basis, using futures markets, financial analysis, livestock production, pest management and plant pathology, estate planning, personal finances, policy issues, retirement and long-term care planning, forage management, invasive plants, using nitrogen applications, health and life insurance, disaster assistance, labor issues and last mental health/suicide prevention.

This course also meets the requirements for production and financial management training for FSA loan recipients. In order to qualify for a certificate, ALL sessions must be completed.  

This training is made possible by USDA-Farm Service Agency and Montana State University-Extension

The cost of sessions is $100.00.  To register and pay for the course:

Contact Information:

Deborah Thingvold
USDA Farm Service Agency
10 E. Babcock
Bozeman, MT 59771
Email Deborah

Keri Hayes, Publications Assistant
MSU Extension Economics
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