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Since 2011, over 7,600 educational hours of free, unbiased, research-based information has been provided to people in 43 states.

Topics included:

Investing, Retirement, Student Loans, Credit Scores, Estate Planning, Financial Fraud, Budgeting, and Mortgages

As a result of attending a Solid Finances course participants*:

  • Created an emergency savings fund
  • Met with financial advisor
  • Decreased use of credit cards
  • Paid down some debt
  • Stayed within budget
  • ICompleted estate planning tasks

Participants had this to say following completion of a class:

  • “It is never too late to make changes to how you handle your money
  • “I will make retirement more of a priority, instead of putting it last.”
  • “When my son’s financial aid package arrives, I feel like I will be able to decipher what it all means and make an educated decision on accepting it or not. Thank you.”
  • “I really appreciated the information on credit scores and Banking 101.”


Of participants who responded to surveys**

  • 100% have taken steps to improve their health or finances
  • 94% took steps to protect themselves against identity theft
  • 87.5% created or added to an emergency savings fund
  • 86%have created a debt management plan
  • 73%have taken steps to avoid being a victim of a financial scam
  • 71.4% have determined ways to cut their spending


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*reported by survey respondents

**surveys were conducted following each course, and data represents an individual course survey result