General Information: Interns will gain professional experience utilizing nonformal education strategies by partnering with Extension agents to plan, implement, and evaluate educational programs for adults and youth in field offices. MSU Extension Interns work in county or reservation Extension offices under the direction of one or more Extension agents. Upon completion of an internship the student will understand the nature and responsibilities of being an MSU Extension agent.


  1. Increase educational experiences for Extension clientele
  2. Expand educational opportunities (skills and knowledge) for youth or adults
  3. Lead at least one educational programming effort
  4. Become a part of the Extension team in the office

Required Qualifications:

  1. Willingness to learn and be involved with many aspects of local Extension programming
  2. Demonstrated ability to work successfully with youth or adults
  3. Demonstrated ability to take initiative on projects and activities under a supervisor’s guidance
  4. Good written and verbal communication skills
  5. Effective organizational skills
  6. Ability and interest to serve the audience(s) and program disciplines identified for the specific position details

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Interest in pursuing a professional career in Extension or other related fields

Desired Skills or Experience: Attention to detail, critical thinking and decision making skills, ability to follow through with projects and assignments, proficient communications skills, and a willingness to learn. A successful applicant will have a positive attitude, creative thinking abilities, experience developing collaborative efforts, and the ability to pursue innovative approaches to problem solving.

Note: If an intern applies for university credit for the internship, additional requirements (i.e., junior standing) and other responsibilities may apply. Consult with your advisor.

Contact Information: Please contact individuals listed in the “Supervising Agent” section for questions about the individual positions.

Compensation: Up to $5,250.00 for approximately eight full-time weeks

Application Procedure: (applications due; January 31, 2024)

  • Letter of application addressing each listed qualification;
  • Current resume; and
  • Name, addresses, and phone numbers for three references.

Employment is contingent on successful completion of a background check.

Click here to complete your application, provide your contact information and upload the required documents


Central Region
Glacier County (Cut Bank, MT)

Brief Description of Duties: As a 4-H intern in Glacier County, your role will encompass a wide range of responsibilities to support the 4-H, Agriculture and Family Consumer Science, programs and their various activities. Your duties will include:

  1. Assisting with 4-H Cloverbud Day Camp: You will help organize and facilitate activities and programs for younger 4-H members, fostering their personal growth and development.
  2. Contributing to 4-H Camp: You'll assist in planning and executing the 4-H camp experience, ensuring a fun and educational environment for campers.
  3. Participating in 4-H Project Days: You will work alongside 4-H members as they explore and develop their projects, providing guidance and support.
  4. Supporting Family Consumer Science & Agriculture Workshops: You'll help coordinate workshops and educational events related to family consumer science and agriculture, engaging both youth and adults.
  5. Engaging in Community Vitality Meetings: Attend meetings focused on community development and collaborate on initiatives to strengthen local communities.
  6. Participating in 4-H Congress: Assist in preparations for the annual 4-H Congress event, which brings together 4-H members for leadership and learning experiences.
  7. Involvement in Marias Fair: Contribute to the planning and execution of the Marias Fair, a four-county fair, including participating in fair board meetings, managing food booth logistics, and helping with post-fair cleanup and evaluations to ensure a smooth transition to the next year's fair.
  8. Providing Record Book Assistance: Support 4-H members in organizing and completing their record books, which track their project achievements and growth.
  9. Attending 4-H Council Meetings: Participate in 4-H Council meetings to discuss and shape the direction of the 4-H program at a local level.
  10. Data Entry for Zsuite and Fair Entry: Assist in data entry tasks, maintaining records and information in computer programs like Zsuite and Fair Entry to streamline operations.
  11. Other duties as assigned.

This internship offers a diverse and rewarding experience, allowing you to actively contribute to the success of the 4-H program while gaining valuable skills in event coordination, youth development, and administrative tasks.

Disciplines required/desired: Agriculture & Natural Resources, 10%; Community Vitality, 10%; Family & Consumer Sciences, 10%; and 4-H Youth Development, 70%.

Important Dates or Events: June 1 through August 15 - we could accommodate for earlier in May if needed.
June - 4-H Cloverbud Day Camp, 4-H Camp, 4-H project days, FCS & AG workshops, and community development meetings. July - 4-H Congress, Marias Fair - four county fair, fair board, and food booth meetings, etc.
August - Post fair work, record book assistance, 4-H Council meetings, etc.

Supervising Agent: Kari Lewis and Lisa Terry

Housing options/Help:None

Cascade (Great Falls, MT) 

Brief Description of Duties: The primary duties of this internship will be to assist the MSU Extension Cascade County 4-H Agent in performing duties pertaining to the Cascade County 4-H program. Duties include:

  1. Planning and implementing 4-H camp, State Fair static exhibit judging day and other contests, and the Livestock Show and Sale.
  2. Attending Montana 4-H Congress with the Cascade County delegation.
  3. Participating in and planning Family and Consumer Sciences programing with the MSU Extension Cascade County FCS Agent. This programming may include Alzheimer's and memory programs, Strong People classes, etc.

Disciplines required/desired: Family & Consumer Sciences, 25% and 4-H Youth Development, 75%.

Important Dates or Events:

June 8-12 - Camp
July 9-12 - Congress
July 12-14 - Livestock Show & Sale
July 25 - State Fair Interview Day
July 26-August 3 - State Fair (some flexibility)

Supervising Agent: Katrin Finch and Allyssa Peak

Housing options/Help: Connect with useful resources

Western Region
Flathead Reservation (Polson, MT)

Brief Description of Duties: The MSU Extension Intern in the Flathead Reservation office will gain experience in all of the areas of programming and project work the staff members at the Flathead Reservation engage. The intern will:

  1. Help develop and deliver programs in growing fruits and vegetables as part of the food sovereignty programs, nutrition education, food preservation, youth in agriculture classes, workshops, and fieldtrips, and in the development of community gardening and community health programming.
  2. Gain additional experience in bee keeping projects, chicken projects, and the Lake County 4-H and FFA fair. 
  3. Have opportunities to participate in meetings and conversations with Tribal leaders and departmental programs to gain knowledge, experience, and skills working in Indian Country.

Disciplines required/desired: Agriculture & Natural Resources, 30%; Community Vitality, 10%; Family & Consumer Sciences, 20%; and 4-H Youth Development, 40%.

Supervising Agent: Patrick Mangan and Brenda Richey

Housing options/Help: Connect with useful resources


Madison and Jefferson (Whitehall, MT)

Brief Description of Duties: The Madison-Jefferson Extension Office covers a large geographic area with diverse stakeholders. Our 4-H Program supports hundreds of members across the two counties and two separate fairs, exhibiting a variety of projects. The intern will: 

  1. Accompany the 4-H Agent at 4-H Council, fair board, and club meetings.
  2. Assist the Agent with the fair, including organizing and prepare fair materials.
  3. Assist the Agent with data collection and programming during our two fairs.
  4. Potentially assist judges and interact with exhibitors in various forms both before and during the fair.
  5. Assist the Agent during 4-H Congress. 
  6. Accompany and assist the Ag agent with collecting soil and forage samples as well as conducting site visits for agriculture, horticulture and land stewardship inquiries.
  7. Play a part in organizing and hosting a soil health field day at two ranches in the Ruby Valley.
  8. Help promote scheduled educational programming in various communities around Madison and Jefferson Counties.

The intern will play a vital role in organizing an efficient fair and Summer Programming.

Disciplines required/desired: Agriculture & Natural Resources, 50% and 4-H Youth Development, 50%.

Supervising Agents: Kaleena Miller and Merissa Ford

Housing options/Help: Connect with useful resources


Lewis and Clark (Helena, MT)

Brief Description of Duties: Intern will gain experiences in nonformal education techniques in collaboration with the Extension Agents in Lewis & Clark County. Under the guidance of Extension Agents, their tasks will involve:

  1. Designing, executing, and assessing programming.
  2. Assisting with county fair responsibilities.
  3. Responding to inquiries from the public.
  4. Engaging with the community to understand its needs in the areas of Agriculture & Natural Resources, 4-H and Youth Development, Family & Consumer Sciences, and Community Vitality.

Disciplines required/desired: Agriculture & Natural Resources, 25%; Community Vitality, 25%; Family & Consumer Sciences, 25%; and 4-H Youth Development, 25%.

Important Dates or Events: Lewis & Clark County Fair: July 24 - 27

Supervising Agent: Shae Bruursema

Housing options/Help: Connect with useful resources