Youth Council Minutes- Unapproved

May 19th, 2019 Extension Office @ 3:00 PM 


Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 3:05 by Youth Council President (Olivia Harris) 


Olivia Harris, McKenzie Tordale, Shalee Tamcke, Sage Tamcke, Aurora Armstrong, Hannah Diehl, Emily Beveridge, Becky deMontigny, Isabella Saraco, Ainsley Saraco, McKoy Gebhardt, Isabelle Lowry, Natalya Routzahn, Justin Patten


Led by Sage  

Treasurers Report


Committee Reports

  • Other

Old Business

  • Record Books – Kara talked about what their purpose is and how we want to imply that. This was put on hold tell next meeting.
  • Fair Events – Went over who is doing what and what we are doing.  

New Business

  • Herdsmanship Awards

    • Becky moved for an overall for each species; Seconded by Hannah. Justin amended the movement to just add an overall for each species along with the system we currently have now; Accepted by Becky. Movement passed. Becky moved for awards to be given out before the Sale; seconded by Justin. Movement passed. Justin moved that the award be a gift card from Murdochs; Seconded by Sage. Movement passed.
  • Pig Pens

    • Justin moved to look into adding stuff to the bottom of the pig pens; Seconded by Hannah. Movement passed. McKenzie will contact pig superintendent and get more info.
  • Sale Order

    • Sage moved to have the sale go by market ribbons; Seconded by McKoy. Movement passed. Justin moved to put Grand and Reserve Junior and Senior Showman ship after Grand and Reserve Market; Seconded by Becky. Movement passed.


    • Outdoor meeting, June 10th/ Extension Office at 5:30 pm
    • Council Meeting, June 12th / BHB at 6:00 pm 


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