Youth Council Minutes- Unapproved

November 11, 2018 Bill Hamilton Building @ 3:00 PM 


Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 3:05 PM by the Extension Agent/Teen leader facilitator (Kara Tangedal). 


Teen Leaders Present: Meghan Lee, Chloe Lee, Lindsay Abelin, McKenzie Tordale, Josie Hamilton, Olivia Harris, Hannah Diehl, Janell Swanson, Taylor Novak, Cade Duran, Breanna Harrison 


An ice breaker was conducted first. Teen leaders attached song lyrics together for a prize.

New Business

  • Meeting Structure

    • Robert’s Rules of Order
    • Parliamentarians will be the Extension Agent, Teen Leader Superintendent, and Teen Leader Junior Superintendent
  • Additions to the Agenda

    • Citizenship Seminar
      • McKenzie, Josie, Cade, Janell, Taylor, and Hannah showed interest in attending
  • Introductions

  • Purpose

    • Forming a Youth Council so youth can have a collective voice for Council, Foundation, and Committee meetings
  • Junior Superintendent/Representative Reports

    • The following teen leaders volunteered to attend committee meetings:
      • Quality Assurance: Janell Swanson
      • Livestock Sale: Josie Hamilton, Olivia Harris, McKenzie Tordale
      • Awards: Josie Hamilton
    • McKenzie volunteered as teen leader junior superintendent
  • Plan of Communication

    • Instagram – Teen leaders were notified about county Instagram account
    • Website/Newsletter – Teen leaders were notified that the website will be updated.
    • Remind – Teen leaders expressed this is the best way to reach them.
    • E-mail – Teen leaders have e-mail, but don’t check it often.
  • Youth Council Positions

    • Determine Roles
      • Youth Council President
        • Janell moved the president’s role would include:
          • Running meetings, helping with the agenda, ensuring the Youth Council has a presence at Council, Foundation, and Committee meetings
          • Chloe seconded, motion passed
      • Youth Council Vice-President
        • McKenzie moved the vice-president’s role would include:
          • Taking on the president’s roles in the president’s absence, helping with the agenda, organizing the icebreakers and games for each meeting
          • Hannah seconded, motion passed 
      • Youth Council Secretary
        • Hannah moved the secretary’s role would include:
          • Taking meeting minutes and attendance, helping with the agenda
          • Chloe seconded, motion passed
      • Council Treasurer Representative
        • Taylor moved the Council treasurer representative’s role would include:
          • Fundraisers, learning about and communicating the Council budget to the Youth Council
          • Hannah seconded, motion passed
      • Cade moved to add a Public Relations officer position
        • McKenzie seconded, motion passed
        • Cade moved the Public Relations Officer’s role would include:
            • Facebook, Instagram, Social media presence, and public appearances
            • Chloe seconded, motion passed 
  • Nominations 

    • Nominations will be announced in the December newsletter, on Facebook, in Instagram, on the website, and via e-mail. Nominations can also be taken on the floor in December, as is with the Indoor and Outdoor committees. Elections will be held during the December meeting. All 4-H youth members present at the meeting can vote.
    • Youth Council President
      • Cade nominated Janell
      • McKenzie nominated Olivia
    • Youth Council Vice-President
      • Chloe nominated Lindsay
      • Olivia nominated Josie
    • Youth Council Secretary
      • Josie nominated McKenzie
      • Cade nominated Claire Downing
    • Council Treasurer Representative
      • Meghan nominated Chloe
      • Janell nominated Payton Sprague
    • Public Relations Officer
      • Janell nominated Cade
      • Chloe nominated Meghan 
  • Outdoor Agenda 

    • Outdoor Agenda o The teen leaders went through and discussed the proposed outdoor agenda.
    • Closing the barn at 10 pm vs 11 pm
      • After discussion, Chloe moved to shut down the barn to the public at 10 pm, but allow 4-Hers in until 11 pm, as identified by their wristbands.
      • Cade seconded, motion passed as collective opinion
    • Term limits
      • After discussion, Janell moved that superintendents serve a two year limit until reelection.  McKenzie seconded, motion passed as collective opinion
      • Discussion moved on to whether or not there should be a cap on the number of times a superintendent can be reelected. This was tabled to discuss youth voice in voting.
        • Janell moved that junior superintendents have their own vote at committee meetings.
          • Hannah seconded, motion passed as collective opinion
        • Meghan moved that each club’s president vote on the Superintendent as the club representative either in-person at the committee meetings or by providing a vote in writing or verbally through the Extension Agent.
          • Taylor seconded, motion passed as collective opinion
        • Discussion continued concerning a cap on reelections.
          • Chloe moved to not cap number of reelections.
          • Hannah seconded, motion passed as collective opinion 
    • Briefly discussed old business regarding Round Robin, Rabbit, Poultry, and Sales. Josie, Olivia, and McKenzie were reminded to attend Livestock Sale Committee meetings to have a Youth Council voice. 
    • Swine
      • Discussion included not buying wood railing in the interest of the budget. Clubs have some available. Also not wanting to give a single pig a double pen, but instead place them next to pens with three pigs and adjust size that way.
      • Cade tabled making a formal opinion about wood railing and pen sizes for pigs until more information is received. Janell seconded. 
    • Outdoor
      • Addressed earlier in meeting. 
  • Goals and Priorities

    • Cade moved to table until next meeting. Josie seconded, motion passed. 


  • Josie moved we have teen leader meetings in conjunction with Youth Council recur on second Sundays of every month at 3 PM. Hannah seconded, motion passed. 


  • Meeting adjourned at 4:30 PM


************Whew, nice job team! Note: We are currently constructing a rough draft of the constitution and bylaws of the Youth Council. I have attached a draft, which can also be found on the website. We will look it over and vote on it in the December meeting.  


The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Montana State University and the Montana State University Extension Service prohibit discrimination in all of their programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, and marital and family status. Issued in furtherance of cooperative extension work in agriculture and home economics, acts of May 8 and June 30, 1914, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and Director of Extension, Extension Service, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT 59717