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The Montana Master Gardener Program serves as an education and volunteer service organization.  The program’s purpose is to provide technical assistance and unbiased, research-based information in consumer horticulture to people in all Montana communities through qualified volunteers.  Through the Master Gardener program we empower individuals with sound horticultural practices that minimize negative impacts on the environment.  The program is based on a philosophy of shared ownership.  MSU extension agents, staff, and volunteers share vision, ideas, and responsibilities for the program

Recent Urban Alerts:

Seasonal Needle Drop

Seasonal Needle Drop

September 29, 2023

Seasonal needle drop is the gradual yellowing or browning and eventual loss of older interior needles.  Read more...

Evergreen Damage

Reducing Winter-Related Injury in Landscape Trees

September 22, 2023                               

Montana can have harsh winter conditions that can sometimes challenge even our hardiest trees and shrubs, especially if steps aren't taken to set them up for the best success. Last winter was especially tough on many of our landscape trees and shrubs, and we saw significant amounts of winter injury across the state.  Read more...

Tomato Curling

What Causes Tomato Leaves to Curl?

August 7, 2023

Tomatoes are one of the most beloved cultivated vegetables in home gardens, and whether you grow them often, or are just starting out, one of your possible questions during the growing season might be "Why are my tomato leaves curling?" Read more...


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