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Montana Extension Association of Family Consumer Sciences (MEAFCS)
Challenge Gift Award
Approved during MEAFCS member meeting
October 23, 2018

The purpose of this document is to provide the background of the award, management, supervision and control, selection criteria and application procedure for the Challenge Gift Award from the Montana Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (MEAFCS).


Initial funding for the Challenge Gift Award was provided by re-directed honorariums totaling $1,300 received by Marsha A. Goetting, MSU Extension Family Economics Specialist, during the fall of 2012.  The funds were offered as a challenge gift with the request that MEAFCS match the funds with $1,300.  In May of 2014 MEAFCS members voted to match the amount of the gift, which brought the total to $2,600. 

In May 2014, Marsha donated an additional $1,000 she received from service functions in other states and another $450 from the sale of her wildflower cards.  The goal of the award is to provide an opportunity for Family and Consumer Science agents to enhance their subject matter expertise in financial management by obtaining the Accredited Financial Counselor Certification (AFC) from the Association of Financial Counseling and Planning Education (AFCPE) or the Certified Personal and Family Finance Educator (CPFFE) from the Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (AAFCS).  The account balance allows funding for three awards during 2018 and 2019.

Account Supervision and Control:

  1. This account shall be open-ended and may be added to at any time.
  2. The principal, interest earnings, and monies received in the future (specifically designated for the Challenge Gift Award) shall be invested by the MEAFCS treasurer.
  3. The MEAFCS Treasurer shall invest the monies in appropriate investments.
  4. The funds are to be used for the AFC certification program from AFCPE or the CPFFE from AAFCS.
  5. The value and number of challenge awards are determined by a Professional Development Award Committee (hereafter referred to as the committee) of MEAFCS appointed by the President. 
  6. The treasurer will report annually to the MEAFCS membership the balance and interest earnings in the Challenge Gift


Recipients shall use the Challenge Gift Award for obtaining the AFC professional development certification from the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education (AFCPE) or CPFFE certification from Association of Family & Consumer Sciences.  Funds will be granted upon successful completion and awarding of the AFCPE or CPFFE certificate.  A copy of the certificate should be provided to the treasurer who will issue a check to the awardee.


  1. Recipient must be a member of MEAFCS in the year the award is made.
  2. Recipient must submit the application to the Committee Chair who will forward to the Professional Development Committee Members of MEAFCS.
  3. Selection will be made by the Professional Development Committee of MEAFCS.


  1. Because Association members recognize that changes may occur requiring adjustments in the mechanics of the professional development award, the President authorizes the Professional Development Award committee to change any portion that become outdated or outmoded.
  2. The recommended changes shall be voted on by the membership during a meeting such as Annual Conference, FCS Update or electronically.


Applications for the Challenge Gift Award are due by January 31 and June 30, electronically to Joel Schumacher at [email protected].   To apply for the MEAFCS Challenge Gift Award the following should be submitted:

  1. Name, position (with a brief description of responsibilities) and years of service with MSU Extension.
  2. Years of membership in MEAFCS, offices held, or committee memberships, and awards received from MEAFCS, NEAFCS, and other organizations.
  3. The type of certification selected and why.
  4. A description of how the candidate proposes to use the AFC of CPFFE certification in his/her position.
  5. Total cost for the certification chosen.
  6. Indicate how you will share the education gained from your certification with members of MEAFCS.

Information provided in items 1 - 5 above will be used by the Chair of the Professional Development Committee to develop a news release of the awardee’s success in completion of the AFC or CPFEE certification.