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 Reach & Locations

A total of 254 Montanans in ten counties (Sanders, Toole, Hill, Chouteau, Valley, Sheridan, Richland, Custer, Musselshell, and Big Horn) completed a MSU Extension Food & Nutrition course in 2019.

Courses Taught

  • Dining with Diabetes
  • Meals in Minutes
  • Pressure Cooker
  • Food Preservation
  • Knife Skills
  • Latin Cooking
  • Kombucha Basica
  • Trending Diets

Because of these classes participants now try to:

  • Choose a variety of protein options during the week (100%)
  • Eat 3/5 fruits and vegetables a day (95%)
  • Cook or prepare most meals at home (93%)
  • Eat more whole grains (90%)
  • Choose beverages with less sugar (88%)
  • Use the nutritional facts on food labels to make choices when selecting foods (75%)

Because they participated:

  • 100% of the participants learned more about how to read and understand food labels
  • 96% of the participants learned strategies to modify or substitute foods to make their meals healthier
  • 96% of the participants learned how to prepare foods using a new technique or tool
  • There was an 83% increase in knowledge about the basic process for preserving foods

Attendee testimonials:

"MSU Extension is an important service in our community."

"I feel more comfortable to try more recipes with my Instant Pot."