Food Preservation 101 Video Series

Are you a new food preserver or interested in a refresher on safe techniques? While we can't always preserve together at the moment, we would like to invite you into our Extension home kitchens to learn from Extension food preservers about the science and strategies behind safe and delicious research-based preservation best practices!

For any additional food preservation questions or clarification, connect with your local Extension agent or State Food and Family Specialist Brianna Routh at [email protected]

Canning Acidic Foods:

Water Bath Canning 101: 


Atmospheric Steam Canning 101: 


Picking 101: 

Canning Low Acid Foods:

Pressure Canning 101: 

Additional Food Preservation Methods:

Fermentation 101: 

Sausage Making 101: 

Freezing 101: 
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