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  • 92 Montanans in rural communities participated in this pilot program.  MSU Extension held courses in these counties: Toole, Hill, Valley, Richland, Custer, Big Horn, Cascade, Teton, Sanders, and Mineral.  
  • The participants learned to manage diabetes for themselves or a family member through nutrition education.
  • Participants learned more about non-starchy vegetables and healthy fats.
  • They also learned to prepare healthy, well-balanced meals that taste good!


Healthy Behaviors by the End of the Program:

  • 100% of participants reported they learned to read and understand food labels and choose diabetes-friendly recipes

  • 98% learned strategies to modify or substitue foods to make their meals healthier.
  • 96% are now eating 3-5 fruits and vegetables daily.
  • 93% are eating smaller portions.
  • 89% are cooking more meals at home.
  • 88% are choosing beverages with less sugar

Participants had this to say following the class:

  • "I really enjoyed this class and would love to attend another."
  • "I'm more aware of food labels and am paying much more attention to them."
  • "The "trick" to reading labels was very helpful."

For more information on this and other MSU Extension programs visit montana.edu/extension/nutrition

Dining with Diabetes is a National Extension program.