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MSU Extension MontGuides and Resources

  1. Concerned About Memory Loss:  Montana Legal and Financial Resources  (MSU Extension Website)

  2. Property Ownership (MSU Extension MontGuide)
    Describes the three main forms of property ownership, plus real-life examples of estate settlement for each.

  3. Transferring Real Property Owned in Joint Tenancy or in a Life Estate Without Probate (MSU Extension MontGuide)
    Describes the process when real property is owned as joint tenants or is subject to a life estate, the distribution method is determined by Montana Law. 

  4. Wills (MSU Extension MontGuide)
    Outlines why and how to construct a will, including costs, restrictions and changes after its completion. 
  5. Dying Without a Will in Montana:  Who Receives Your Property(MSU Extension MontGuide)
    Includes legal terms and detailed examples of possible scenarios for distribution of property should a person die before writing a will. 

  6. Non-Probate Transfers (MSU Extension MontGuide)
    Describes the various forms of ownership that allow the deceased's property to bypass probate and transfer directly to beneficiaries.  

  7. Talking with Aging Parents About Finances (MSU Extension MontGuide)
    Gives advice for dealing diplomatically with family finance issues.

  8. Power of Attorney (Financial)  (MSU Extension MontGuide)
    Explains how to give another person authority to make financial decisions for you through a legal document known as a power of attorney. Information about the Montana Uniform Power of Attorney Act passed by the 2011 Montana Legislature is provided. Features of the new Statutory Power of Attorney form are also explained. 
  9. Estate Planning:  The Basics Packet (MSU Extension) $10.00

    The Basics of Estate Planning packet was developed to help you work toward establishing estate planning goals and objectives that will provide the greatest satisfaction for you and your intended beneficiaries. The packet includes 18 guides that range in topic from A Glossary of Estate Planning Terms to Montana's End-of-Life Registry.  By purchasing this packet, your name will be added to an address list to receive updated MontGuides as the law changes. 

  10. Estate Planning Top Ten Estate Planning Actions for Montanans  (Cutouts for Memory Jar)

National Government Agency Resources

  1. Medicare
  2. National Institute on Aging/National Institutes of Health
  3. U.S. National Library of Medicine
  4. A Guide for VA Fiduciaries
  5. Social Security Booklet: A Guide for Representative Payees

Organizational Resources

  1. Alzheimer's Assocation:  Montana Chapter
  2. Family Caregiver Alliance