Virtual Weatherization Education 

2023 Webinars

Click on each link to be taken to the video on OR watch the videos on this page below! You can also earn BPI continued education units (CEUs) for the webinars by taking the webinar's quiz. If you provide a BPI ID number, we will upload the credits to BPI for you.

January 20: Winter Safety in Weatherization

July 24: Summer Safety for Construction/Weatherization Crews

October 30: Solutions for a Failed CAZ Test

November 20: Radon and Weatherization 


Mobile Home Weatherization Series

March 27: Introduction to Mobile Home Weatherization

April 24: Insulating Walls

May 15: Insulating Bellies

June 26: Insulating Roofs


Future Webinars

None scheduled. Keep checking back or sign up for our newsletter to be alerted of upcoming webinars!

2022 Webinars

Spring 2022

January 28: Evaluating and Documenting Wall Cavities 

February 25: ASHRAE Calculations from Audit to Final 

March 25: Infrared Imaging for Insulation Jobs 

April 22: Window Installation - Tips on ordering and install 

May 27: Door Adjustments 

Fall 2022

September 23: Duct Sealing in Mobile Homes

October 28: Furnace and Fire

2020 & 2021 Webinars

March 27, 2020: Trainable Moments

April 3rd: Doors and Windows for Crews

April 10th: Pressure Diagnostics for Auditors

April 17th: Combustion Testing for Crews

April 24th: Dense Pack Insulation for Crews 

May 1st: Baseload & Energy Calculations

May 8th: Attic Inspection & Preparation

May 15th: Worker Safety & COVID-19

May 22nd: Design & Installation of Residential Ventilation Systems

May 29th: Attic Insulation for Crews

June 5th: Indoor Air Quality: Review of Assessment Tools

June 19th: Correct Use of PPE: Donning and Doffing

June 26th: Optimizing the Remote Energy Audit

July 10th: Tour of Nine Heating Systems

July 24th: Internet of Things: A Review of IFTTT Technology

August 7th: HVAC Filters and How They Work

August 21st: Meet the Expert: Allison Bailes on HVAC Filtration

September 4th: Outfit Your Van: Functional Work Vehicles

September 18th: Energy Analysis and the B.E.A.S.T.



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