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Parent/Guardian Manual

This manual is designed for each parent/guardian to assure that you have, and we have, all the necessary information to make Bobcat Summer Youth Camp a success for all individuals involved. Included in this manual are some important policies and procedures for you to review.


We are extremely excited for another summer of Bobcat Summer Youth Camp at Montana State University, Campus Recreation. Thank you for registering your camper with us!  We look forward to being a part of your child’s summer.

Through our program, we are committed to giving campers a diverse recreational experience.  We will be focusing on the activity theme-of-the-week each morning while afternoon activities will vary.  

Please take the time to read this manual.  It contains important information to assure a successful camp for all parties involved.

Mission Statement

Campus Recreation Bobcat Summer Youth Camp is designed to give each camper the opportunity to learn new things while having fun in a safe and engaging environment. This camp is for children going into grades 1-6 and promotes active lifestyles, cooperation, skill development, and a lifelong love of recreating.

Camp Contacts

  • Camp season phone times: 8:30am-3:30pm (M-F)
  • Cell phone: 406-579-1067

Camp Email: [email protected]

Tax Information

  • ID Number: 81-6010045
  • Address: PO Box 173360 Bozeman, MT 59717

Camper Groups and Ages

Camper Group


Max Enrollment

Kinder Kits will not be offered in 2024


1st & 2nd Grade

20* campers

Jr. Cats

3rd & 4th Grade

20* campers


5th & 6th Grade

20* campers

*Numbers of spots available may differ before registration opens due to scholarship spots being withheld. 

General Schedule

This is a generic schedule for a day at camp. Detailed schedules are emailed to families the Thursday before each week.

Monday - Friday

8:30a - 9a


If dropping off after 10am, parents/guardians are responsible for meeting their child's group wherever they may be at on campus. Be sure to communicate ahead of time with a counselor as their group may no longer be at the drop off location.

9a - 10a

All Camp Games

10a - 12p

Snack and Theme Activities

12p - 12:30p


12:30p - 3p

Theme Activities

3p - 3:30p


If picking up before 3pm, parents/guardians are responsible for meeting their child's group wherever they may be at on campus. Be sure to communicate ahead of time with a counselor as their group may not be at the pick up location before 3pm.

Each week campers have the opportunity to take part in fitness activities, outdoor adventures, educational sessions and craft activities which go along with the camp theme.

We try to utilize our wonderful MSU community as much as we can but some weeks we may go on mini adventures over to the Galligator Trail or Museum of the Rockies!


In the event of an emergency, ClassDojo will be utilized to inform all families of the location and status of an age group immediately. Families are encourage to register for an account in order to receive alerts faster. We do not always have access to our registration system or a desktop computer to send out a mass email during emergencies.

ClassDojo also helps counselors better communicate behavior patterns of campers with their parents throughout the day.

  • Counselors can bring parents to the camp day experience by sharing photos, videos, and announcements
  • Counselors can also safely and instantly message with any parent.

ClassDojo is free for everyone and it works on all devices such as smart phones, tablets, and desktop computers. 

Outside of camp hours, staff are not expected to reply to families via ClassDojo and all communications should be directed to [email protected].

Swim Days

Due to the increased cost of transportation and restricitions by city pools on number of campers allowed at one time in facilities, we will be unable to go swimming. We will be sure to do plenty of water balloons, water wars, and slip n slide activities that your camper will surely still love.

We hope that the Wellness Center pool will be operational by the end of summer for us to use!

Weekly Activities

The activities planned each week will vary based on the theme but we will also play classic camp games each week. A detailed schedule of our planned activities, field trips, and weekly guests will be emailed out to the adult who registered the child(ren) each week on the Thursday before their registered week of camp.


Please note that at any time we may have to alter the activities due to unforeseen circumstances.

Child Check-in and Check-out Policy and Procedure

A check-in and check-out sheet will remain with the Lead Counselors at all times.  This sheet will list each child’s name, age, allergies, parent phone numbers, and who is allowed to pick them up. We will require an initial from this individual for both check-in and check-out.  All parents/guardians/approved persons must be prepared to show proof of identity via a driver’s license or other state/federal ID when they sign a camper out.

No one under the age of 18 may sign a camper in or out, including siblings. Campers may not sign themselves in or out.

Bobcat Summer Youth Camp Roster & Check-in/Check-out

Name and Age
Allowed Pick Up
 Joe Camper
Jane Camper, Dan Camper, Grandma Camper
Sally Camp
Babysitter Name, Grandma Camp

Drop-off & Pick-Up

Drop-off: between 8:30am - 9am daily

  • Location:Montana State University Campus, Outside of South Dome
  • Check-in procedures: Staff will sign campers in each day as well as check to make sure they have everything they need for the day before parents/guardians walk away. This will be required daily.

Pick-up: Between 3pm-3:30pm

  • Location: Montana State University Campus, Outside of North Dome
  • Check-out procedures: Staff will sign campers out and ensure that the person picking them up is listed as an allowed pick up person on our rosters. 

Parking on Campus


General Parking Guidelines:

Please use the parking garage on campus for drop-off and pick-up. Parking services will not ticket you if you are parked in the garage during the hours below:

  • Morning Parking : 8am - 9am
    • This is the window of time to be able to park - Check in starts at 8:30am!
  • Afternoon Parking: 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Vehicles found parked, without appropriate passes for an extended period of time are subject to ticketing and towing by University Parking Services. BSYC is not responsible for tickets given out to families outside of the above time frames and designated areas.

Transportation During Camp Hours

Due to the increase in transportation costs, we will not be taking any long distance field trips. 

What to Bring to Camp

Below you will find a list of items campers are required to bring each day and a list of suggested items.

Required Daily Items

    • Tennis shoes or sandals with straps - No flip flops or slides.

    • Athletic clothing – we will be very active!

    • A cold lunch - we will not have access to a microwave or refrigerator

    • Lots of snacks - Campers eat more food than parents anticipate.

    • Water bottle

    • Sunscreen - Spray sunscreen only! 

    • Jacket and/or sweatshirt - Rain or shine, we play outside!

    • Backpack or Bag 

    • Swimming Suit & Towel - for water activity days!

Suggested Daily Items

    • Hat
    • Change of clothes

Items to Leave at Home

    • Personal Toys
    • All Cell Phones and Electronics
    • Money

Free Play

During these times we provide equipment and supervision, however, we do not provide instruction. This gives campers the opportunity to engage in freely chosen and camper directed activities. Counselors can jump in and play if asked by campers, otherwise, they will supervise. We will limit free play and provide campers with guided activities most of the time, however, we want to make you aware of this commitment at our camp. Specific times you may see free play is during drop-off, lunch (after they have eaten), and pick-up.

Counselor Cell Phone Use

You may see our counselors using their cell phones periodically throughout the camp day.  We provide all of the counselors their curriculum and schedule through online portals.  This allows them to reference information at any point of the day. Due to having so many moving parts to our camp we often have to relay information from the office to our counselors.  We do this via text messaging; this is the quickest and most efficient way to make sure we are all on the same page. Counselors will communicate with families through the ClassDojo app. Campers may not contact families using counselors personal cell phones, nor are counselors permitted to give out personal contact information.

Restroom Use

Anytime we are in the Wellness Center we will use those restroom facilities.  If we are located further away on campus, we will utilize other campus facilities. Counselors will accompany campers into multi-use restrooms to provide supervision. When a single-use restroom is utilized, Counselors will send one child in at a time and provide supervision from outside.

Counselor Safety Training

At Bobcat Summer Youth Camp we are committed to doing everything we can to keep your child safe while in our care.  Each of our counselors and staff members are trained in the following ways:

  • American Red Cross - Adult and Pediatric CPR/AED and First Aid Training
  • Bobcat Summer Youth Camp Emergency Action Plan

  • Bobcat Summer Youth Camp policies and procedures

  • Curriculum, instruction, and coaching techniques and guidelines

  • Child Safety Training facilitated by trained professionals

  • Leadership, Communication and Behavior management training

In addition to the above training, a background check has been done on each staff member.

Camp Staff

One of the goals in creating Bobcat Summer Youth Camp is to provide quality professional experience for students at Montana State University. The Lead Counselors and Counselors are all students or recent graduates of Montana State University. Bobcat Summer Youth Camp creates an environment for them to apply the skills, abilities, and knowledge they learn in the classroom out in the field.  All counselors are encouraged to take on leadership roles in creating curriculum, adapting it to each age group, and executing it in the field.

Executive Camp Director

The Executive Camp Director is responsible for overseeing all of Bobcat Summer Youth Camp by creating the camp curriculum outline, overseeing all camp staff, and ensuring camp policies and risk management procedures are properly followed.

Camp Directors

Camp Directors oversee most day-to-day camp operations, they are the main contact for counselors while camp is in session. They are responsible for making sure camp runs smoothly throughout the day.

Lead Counselors

Lead Counselors assist in improving and expanding existing curriculum, policies, guidelines, and procedures. They are responsible for supervising and assisting other counselors throughout the camp day.


Counselors are responsible for executing the camp curriculum and mentoring, coaching and providing a safe environment for all campers.