This committee will be looking for an application and proposal that:

• Cannot be achieved through a traditional doctoral degree from Montana State University;
• Clearly describes and explains a research problem;
• Requires an interdisciplinary approach to achieving the research;
• What expertise each discipline can offer when seeking a solution to the problem.

Preparing your application:

Concept and Goals = "Statement of Purpose"

Develop one document (pdf) which will be uploaded in place of the “Statement of Purpose,” please:

  1. Provide least two (2) areas of study, background competencies the applicant brings to the doctoral level studies, and identification of the additional preparation in the two or more areas of study. Include information on the completion of at least 20 credit hours of graded graduate course work.
  2. Indicate a relevant research plan with, at minimum, PhD level research questions.
  3. A curriculum plan with proposed courses of study, their description and relevancy to the IIP. No new courses are to be developed for this curriculum.
  4. Objectives, timeline and an outline for the research; a completion date should be included. The assessment plan contains details for how your progress in the IIP will be assessed (i.e., Program Learning Outcomes)
  5. The proposal should not be more than three (3) pages and be developed with input from your proposed doctoral committee. 
Graduate Committee

List of five (5) Committee members* who will also be your reference writers for your application. Their letters should include a biosketch of their role in the IIP.

  1. *Before you apply, identify your Chair and work with this person to select at least three (3) additional faculty who will serve on your doctoral graduate committee.
  2. You must have a committee member from each department/program that is participating in your IIP. 
  3. The majority of the co-chairs must be tenured/tenure-track and at least one must be from a doctoral granting department at MSU.
  4. The Dean of The Graduate School or the Dean’s designee from a doctoral program at Montana State University will serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the committee.

Other aspects of your application

The following will be required when applying:

  1. Resume/CV
  2. A minimum cumulative graduate grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 (out of a 4.00)
  3. Official transcripts from all previous institutions (Alum of MSU do not need to supply MSU transcripts). If you have attended MSU in the past as a graduate student, indicate this in your application when asked. 

Additional Example of IIP Proposals which were accepted.