In your proposal you will need to detail your research area, describing, defining and explaining a research problem. This should include your proposed research objectives and methods. As part of your application, you will need to have at least three (3) MSU faculty agree to serve as your graduate committee and write a letter of recommendation supporting  your admission the program. These faculty members should have a chance to give you feedback on your proposal.

In addition, please consider your responses to the following bullet points and include them where appropriate in your proposal:

  • You cannot achieve your research interests through another traditional doctoral degree from Montana State University;
  • Your research requires an interdisciplinary approach to successfully achieve the research outcomes and encompasses two or more departments and academic disciplines at MSU;
  • Your proposal explains the expertise each discipline offers in seeking a solution to the problem.

You will be developing one document (pdf) which will be uploaded during the application process. Remember, this document will be in place of the statement of purpose in the application, 

  1. Provide at least two (2) areas of study including your background competencies you bring to the doctoral level. Be sure that you identify any additional preparation in the two (or more) areas.
  2. Indicate a relevant research plan with PhD level research questions. 
  3. List all objectives, timeline and outline for your research as well as an estimated degree completion date. 
  4.  Include an updated Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV). 
  5. NOTE: This first part of the proposal should be approximately four (4) pages in length and be developed with formal input from your proposed doctoral committee.  
Graduate Committee

In your application you will list three (3) MSU faculty members who will write recommendation letters and agree to serve as committee members if you are admitted to the program. Their letters should detail they are formally agreeing to be on your committee.

  1. The composition of your committee must follow Graduate School Policy 
  2. The majority of the co-chairs must be tenured/tenure-track and at least one must be from a doctoral granting department at MSU.

NOTE: Be sure you supply official transcripts from all previous institutions showing a 3.00 out of a 4.00 GPA. MSU alumi do not need to supply MSU transcripts).