Are you a Freshman, Sophomore, or student that has recently started at MSU or switched to a pre-health direction that is looking for some general help and guidance with classes, understanding of how college works, tips on elective classes to take, and how to navigate a pre-health pathway? We recommend our HPA mentoring program!

You will be paired with a Junior or Senior student that has a similar career goal and/or major. Mentors and Mentees will connect about one-time per week to discuss school, questions on MSU resources, ways to get involved (volunteering, clubs, etc.), shared experiences, and any other school related topic that could be helpful to keep you moving in a positive direction. 

Program Goals:

  1. Connect underclassmen and upperclassmen to increase communication and help students better navigate college. 
  2. Provide information to students on the best ways to prepare for health professions school applications (volunteering, work, clubs, etc.)
  3. Strengthen the pre-health profession student community at MSU. 


Mentee Requirements:

  • MSU Freshman, Sophomore,  or recent transfer student or student who has recently (within 1 semester of application) changed major or career direction.
  • Ability to connect with mentor 1-2 hours everyother week



Please complete the form below and HPA will be in touch about your mentor placement via e-mail. 

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