What are the goals of this IPE event? What will we be doing?

We are excited to offer this unique in-person professional development opportunity to our Montana State University students. The goals of the event are to: 1. Practice communicating with peers across multiple healthcare disiplines, 2. Expand clinical teamwork skills while creating a care plan for the case study presented, 3. Develop a deeper understanding for scope of practice through clinician feedback. 


After a brief introduction, we will divide everyone into small groups with 4-5 healthcare disiplines being represented. Groups will read through the clinical case study and answer questions. At the end we will hear from a few Bozeman area clinicians on what their approach to this patient would be and how they would contribute to the care plan.

When and Where is this event?

Thank you for participating in our 2023 event. Check back next January 2024 for next years dates/times. 


Who can register and attend?

Any MSU pre-health undergraduate, post-bacc, or graduate student that is a junior or above OR a freshman/sophomore with substatinial healthcare work experience. Students will receive a participation certifacte upon completion of the event to utilize for health profession school applications. 


How do I register?

Check back next year for the registration form to sign-up.



Updated 02/28/23