Below are links to all the forms on the Human Resources website. For additional assistance please contact Human Resources at 994-3651.



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 Donated Sick Leave Pool Program

FMLA Forms


Employee Services


Classification & Compensation

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New Employees

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Terminating Employees

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Remote routing of the Separation/Termination Checklist is now available via DocuSign (Template: "Termination Checklist 20220519"). 

Employee Appointments

Summer Session 2022:

2022 Summer Session Hiring Guidelines

2022 Summer Session ARGOS Reappointment Guide

2022 PowerPoint Slideshow 4-11-22 Training

Other Professional & Faculty Forms

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Direct Deposit


I-9 Form
Non-US Citizen Form
Non-resident Alien Contract Pay
Out of State Employee Form
W2 Electronic Form Instructions
Federal W-4 Tax Form

W-4 Information Letter                                                                                                                                                              Montana State W4 Tax Form

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Additional Payroll Forms

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Miscellaneous Forms

Tuition Waivers

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Personal Information Changes

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Telework Form

Telework Assignment Agreement 

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