Monthly Workshops 

The PD&T team provides a monthly series of workshops covering a variety of current and relevant topics. For the most up-to-date offerings check out the MSU Calendar or the monthly PD&T email newsletter.

Do you enjoy facilitating, sharing your knowledge with others, and leading training workshops? If so, you could be a part of the PD&T monthly workshop series for the upcoming academic year. This could be a great opportunity for you to present on a topic you’re passionate about. Workshops typically run two hours and are offered to the MSU campus.

If you are interested in facilitating a topic, know of someone you would be interested in hearing from, or have a suggestion on a subject you would like to learn more about, please contact Terry Bishop: [email protected]

Fall |Winter PD&T Workshops 2021 - 2022

Free Speech on Campus: A Sprint Course 

Overview: In this course you will receive an overview of campus policies related to free speech and applicable state and federal laws. The course will provide numerous real-world case studies with audience participation in understanding the cases.

Why should you Attend: The goal of this course will be to provide faculty and staff with a heightened awareness of the complexities surrounding free speech as well as an awareness of university resources they can turn to when they encounter a controversial free speech issue.

Areas Covered in the Session: 1) Campus Policies, 2) State Laws, 3) Federal Laws, and 4) Case studies

Register by visiting the MSU Registration link and search for the course, Free Speech on Campus: A Crash Course.

Course  Date  / Time Location

Free Speech on Campus: A Sprint Course 

Wednesday, November 10

11:30 am - 12:30 pm

SUB Alumni Lounge

Free Speech on Campus: A Sprint Course 

Tuesday, December 14

11:30 am - 12:30 pm

SUB Alumni Lounge

MSU Energy and Resource Tour  Will be Rescheduled!

Overview:  Learn how MSU purchases, generates and moves energy.  Explore how MSU applies innovative approaches to save resources and money.  This workshop includes a guided “behind the scenes” tour of solar walls, ground source heat pumps, solar electricity, the heat plant and the MSU tunnels.

We will start off with a 45 minute presentation then begin the walking portion of our tour that includes the heat plant, steam tunnels and Norm Asbjornson Hall.  

Why should you Attend:

  • Faculty and staff interested in seeing and experiencing the many ways MSU is applying innovative and cost effective approaches to energy and resource use
  • Anyone curious about sustainability and energy efficiency on campus and in our local community
  • Those interested in gaining an understanding of utility use combined with cost and good stewardship of resources
  • Anyone who takes pride in the MSU campus

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • MSU energy and cost savings in existing and new buildings
  • Solar Electricity
  • On Site electricity production
  • Sustainable approaches
  • Heat recovery
  • Solar walls
  • Future plans
Course  Date Time
MSU Energy and Resource Tour    

Register by visiting the MSU Registration link and search for the course, PD&T Workshop - MSU Energy and Resource Tour.