Monthly Workshops 

The PD&T team provides a monthly series of workshops covering a variety of current and relevant topics. For the most up-to-date offerings check out the MSU Calendar or the monthly PD&T email newsletter.

Do you enjoy facilitating, sharing your knowledge with others, and leading training workshops? If so, you could be a part of the PD&T monthly workshop series for the upcoming academic year. This could be a great opportunity for you to present on a topic you’re passionate about. Workshops typically run two hours and are offered to the MSU campus.

If you are interested in facilitating a topic, know of someone you would be interested in hearing from, or have a suggestion on a subject you would like to learn more about, please contact Terry Bishop: [email protected]

PD&T Workshops 2021 - 2022

Free Speech on Campus: A Sprint Course! 

Have you attended a Free Speech workshop? Would you like more information on what can and cannot be done on campus? Do you have questions or just want to learn more about policies within the university system?

This workshop is for any MSU Staff or Faculty who would like to learn more concerning campus policies related to the first amendment and free speech. Receive an overview of campus policies and applicable state and federal laws. Also discussing real-world case studies with audience participation to enhance understanding the case situations.

The goal of this workshop will be to provide faculty and staff with a heightened awareness of the complexities surrounding free speech as well as an awareness of university resources they can turn to when they encounter a controversial free speech issue.  Areas covered in the session will include Campus Policies, State Laws, Federal Laws, and Case Studies.

Register by visiting the MSU Registration link and search for the course, Free Speech.


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Free Speech on Campus: A Sprint Course!