LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning can be accessed through the MSU Library web pages or by using the link below. If this is your first time accessing LinkedIn learning, once you select the link, you'll be asked to sign in with your NetID and password and you'll be redirected to another page where you'll be asked to connect your LinkedIn account (if you have one). Connecting to a LinkedIn account is not required to access the content.

LinkedIn Learning offers a suite of training and instructional videos from specific software packages to up-and-coming technology trends, to documentaries following creative professionals in a variety of disciplines. To narrow down your selection use the search function capabilities, The training library is searchable by subject, software, or author. There are thousands of videos available so the more specific you are in your search criteria the better your search results will be for what you are specifically looking for.  

The easiest way to access it would be by clicking on the Linkedin Learning icon below; or find it using the following link:  

LinkedIn Learning

SkillSets Online

Courses are categorized for IT and NON-IT Professionals. Whether you are an IT or NON-IT professional, you will have access to ALL classes. But when you choose to sign up as IT or NON-IT, it sets what you see as a “default”. That’s particularly useful for NON-IT learners who want maybe a class on Outlook or Excel, but don’t care about the innards of Cisco networking.

  1. Hands-on-Labs (IT) – These courses are intended for the serious IT professionals getting into the technical nuts and bolts of systems and software.
  2. Streetwise (IT) – These short courses are for IT professionals delivered by IT  professionals.
  3. Courses (NON-IT and IT) – These courses are for both IT and NON-IT professionals (as opposed to Streetwise videos or Hands-On labs, which are geared towards the IT professional).

How to Sign Up If you would like to be added to the SkillSets roster and gain access, please email; [email protected]. The email should list 4 contact items; full name, 2) phone, 3) email, 4) are you an IT professional, yes or no

What Happens Next SkillSets then sends the learner the login link and credentials (username/password). This will allow access to their dashboard and browse the catalogue for classes to take.  If the learner wants to take a class (or classes), they will need to request a library card. That can be done through their dashboard site. Once the learner has  a library card, they can take any or as many classes as they want. The library card is good for 2 weeks and then it expires, but no worries, if you want more simply request another library card to take more courses.

Course Titles If you wish to view the SkillSets Online site and available courses, you can do so by clicking on the links below. You will only be able to view the course listings until you go through the process mentioned above to sign up.

  1.    For the NON-IT (non-technical) classes, use the following links:

End User Courses link: 

Partner Courses link:

 2.  For the IT (technical) classes, use the following link:

For the IT classes:

Skillsets Online