To donate

Eligible contributors wishing to donate some of their accumulated sick leave, simply complete the DSLP Contribution Form. Leave balances are available via MyInfo.

To request leave

Individuals in need of donated sick leave complete the DSLP Application Form.

Submission Timeline: The DSLP provides for allocations to be made about one month in advance of the use of the sick leave hours. Completed applications are therefore due in HR by the payroll deadline (20th of the month) prior to the start date on which the DSLP hours will begin to be used. Late submissions may be considered only if the start date is unknown on the 20th of the prior month.

Please note: According to the policy 1045.40 you will need to "provide Human Resources a physician's certification of extensive illness or accident which resulted in absence from work of at least 10 consecutive working days, pregnancy or childbirth related health condition" beyond 6 weeks of regular maternity leave in order to claim sick leave.

Review process

Application Forms, and supporting materials, will be reviewed by Human Resources to ensure the required criteria are met.  Please note that donated sick leave is limited to circumstances where the employee would otherwise be eligible for sick leave.  Allocation of hours will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. 

Please note

Contribution to the DSLP is entirely voluntary, so the amount of hours in the Pool may fluctuate, and could be zero. Donated hours are unfunded (policy 1045.20).  Therefore, applications to the DSLP require departmental approval (funding).