MSU Community Resources Office

MSU Community Resources are here to help parents and other family members navigate the university system and learn about the policies and programs available at MSU to meet their individual and family needs, and serve as a “first stop” for faculty, students and staff to receive support and information regarding who to contact with questions about:

  • Arranging leave for childbirth or adoption, or to care for a sick child, partner or elder
  • The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Breastfeeding and pumping on campus
  • The Family Care Rooms
  • Childcare on campus, around town, and in Gallatin Valley
  • Title IX protections for pregnant or parenting students
Contact Information

HR Business Partners contact list:

Faculty Champions contact information:

Megan Young: Student Family Support
406-994-7627, [email protected]

Note: Sara Rushing, Bridget Kevane, and Michelle Miley can meet with faculty job candidates to confidentially answer work-life questions and can help in understanding work-life policies on campus as well as other options for MSU faculty