Please view current Choices Active Benefits Workbook and FAQ information below.  Please call MSU HR Office – Benefits Team at (406) 994-3651 if you have specific questions and need further clarification.

Where do I find paperwork for new insurance? –  We are using the Choices benefits platform for enrollment and changes.  To modify insurance coverages, employees should log in to their benefits profile at, and use the MSU Campuses Login link to access with NetID and password. More information about health insurance can be found in the Choices Active Benefits Workbook .  Please call the MSU HR Benefits team at 406-994-3651 if you have questions.

When do I have to get my baby on to insurance if they will be on MSU/MUS insurance? – A mid-year change request online via the Choices platform will be needed if the employee is going to be adding their newborn onto MUS insurance.  The employee will have to also provide a copy of the certificate of live birth the employee will receive from the hospital.  The employee will have 63 days from the date of birth to turn in the mid-year change form.  The coverage will begin the date of birth.  If it is past the 63 days, the employee will have to wait to re-enrollment to add their newborn onto the plan.  The employee can submit the mid-year change without having the social security number.  The employee can call our office once the social security number is received.  It should be noted, that a newborn cannot be entered into the system until a social security number is provided.  Most times, employees do not receive the social security number quickly, although the HR Office still requires the change request to be submitted online in within 63 days of birth of child(ren).  The employee can call our office at (406) 994-3651 to inform us of the social security number(s).

The active eligible employee may consider change in elections of health coverage (other than a Plan insurance cost or coverage change occurs) in case of qualifying event such as birth of a child or adoption of a child.  The requested change in elections must be made within 63 days of the event and must be consistent with the change in status, for example adding a baby and:

  • adding a spouse
  • adding Dependent Care Flex
  • adding or increasing the Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • adding Optional Child Supplemental Life Insurance (*Employee must be enrolled in Supplemental Life Insurance in order to select child coverage.  *Employee must be the beneficiary for Child life insurance coverage.)
  • adding Optional Child(ren) Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance (*Employee must be enrolled in AD&D in order to select child coverage.)

For details on the above, please refer to current Choices Active Benefits Workbook

Please refer to current Choices Active Benefits Workbook for prior authorization requirements and recommendations and other info on medical benefits, including:

  • Medical Plan Services including Maternity and Preventive Services costs
  • Periodic Exams including Well-Child Care and Preventive Screenings
  • MUS Wellness Program including Wellbaby
  • Medical Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Dependent Care FSA and Adoption Assistance
  • Dependent Hardship Waiver

Please refer to current Choices Active Benefits Workbook on emergency services (“Emergency services are covered everywhere.  However, Out-of-Network providers may balance bill the difference between the allowed amount and the charge”) and contact MSU HR Office – Benefits Team at (406) 994-3651 for specific questions.

Please contact your Benefits Associate for details on the dependent care flexible spending account and if you have questions specific to your situation.