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Study Abroad Program Types

MSU offers several different program types that are designed to meet students' academic, personal, and financial needs. We offer tuition exchange program types, and fee based/direct enroll program types. Tuition exchange programs allow students to pay their MSU tution and apply any earned scholarhips to their term abroad. We have two primary tuition exchange program types: MSU Direct Exchange (DEX) and ISEP Exchange. Fee based and Direct Enroll programs require participants to pay a set fee determined by the program of choice. In addition, MSU offers Faculty Led Programs which are abroad programs led by MSU faculty for groups of MSU students. Scroll down to read more about each program! 

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MSU DEX programs offer MSU students the ability to pay their normal MSU tuition while taking courses abroad at one of ourpartner univerities. This program is agood financial option for students who are in-state or have other significant scholarships like WUE. Students list their top 3-5 program choices and placements are based on a wholistic review of the application. It is important to be flexible as students are not guaranteed their top choice. 

Length: Fall, Spring, or Academic Year

Tuition: Pay your MSU tuition & fees; MSU scholarships apply.

Housing: Room & Board paid directly to partner university or third party. 

Minimum GPA: 3.0

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ISEP is a global study abroad organization that partners with hundreds of universities to make study abroad more accessible to all students. ISEP Exchange programs offers MSU students the ability to pay their MSU tuition while taking courses abroad at one of ISEP's 200+ partner institutions. ISEP Exchange is another great option for students who are in-stateor have significantscholarships. You need to have some flexibility about where you study because you are asked to submit at least4 or 5 program choices

Length: Fall, Spring, or Academic Year

Tuition: Pay your MSU tuition & fees;MSU Scholarhips apply. 

Housing: Pay MSU room & board;host university provides room and board for free.

Minimum GPA: 2.75-3.0

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Fee Based/Direct Enroll programs are independent studyabroad programs for which students pay tuition directly to the program or host university. This is a great option if you want to study in a specific city or country becausemany program guarantee placement at your top choice so long as you meet program requirements.Fee-based or Direct Enroll programsmay also be a more affordable option for students paying out-of-state tuition at MSU. There are many independent programs for students to explore. 

Length: Fall, Spring, Academic Year, and Summer*

Tuition: Varies widely by program.

Housing: Varied by program.

Minimum GPA: Varies by program;requires at least a 2.5 GPA.

*Note: There are no tuition exchange summer programs, only direct enroll/fee based. 

Although there are many methods for searching fee based and direct enroll programs, both GoAbroad.com and GoOverseas.com are excellent search functions that lists study abroad programs in a single search. Take some time to check these sites out and find a program that best fits you!


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Faculty Led Study Abroad programs are led by MSU faculty for groups of MSU students. These unique programs typically have a specific academic focus and are a great introduction to study abroad if you're not sure about going on your own for a full semester or year. For more questions, please visit the Faculty Led Study Abroad Homepage or contact Toby Blake, our Faculty Led Study Abroad Coordinator at [email protected]

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financial fit quiz

Financial Fit Quiz

Studying Abroad has its costs. Take this quiz to see which program type might be the best financial fit for you.


For more information about finances abroad, please visit the Finances Page to learn about budgeting, scholarhips, and tuition while abroad.


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