The purpose of this database is for prospective study abroad students and their advisors to view previously evaluated courses at foreign institutions and how they were applied to the MSU student's record. This information can be used to more quickly and efficiently complete the Course Approval Form for a student who may be attending the same institution.

Things to consider:

  • This table is for students who are participating in non-faculty-led study abroad programs.
    • Students who use this table are studying abroad through an affiliate, exchange, direct enroll, or a non-MSU affiliate program.
  • Students who are approved to study abroad will still need to complete the Study Abroad Course Approval Form prior to departure in order to transfer credits from abroad and ensure the credits will be applied to their MSU degree.
  • Like MSU, partner schools periodically implement curriculum changes, and courses may change in content or be cancelled. If the material covered for a specific course title changes substantially or credit hours are adjusted, a re-evaluation of the course will be necessary.
    • Courses must be re-evaluated every five years and will be removed from the database after such a time period has elapsed.
  • Students are not restricted to the courses listed in the database. As additional courses are evaluated, they are incorporated into the record. 
  • Course offerings vary by semester and year, so it is important for students to first consult the host institution's course offerings.
    • This database is in no way a guarantee of a course's availability at the host institution
  • Although this database displays specific course equivalencies, all study abroad courses will transfer into DegreeWorks as elective credits.
    • It is the student's responsibility to work with their academic advisor, referencing the completed Course Approval Form, to apply the appropriate exceptions within their record.