Lab News

[September 4, 2019] Master student Nishagar Raventhiran joined M-LEFT. Welcome!

Nishagar joined M-LEFT to do his master thesis. Nishagar is the 3rd member and first ever Master Student of M-LEFT. Welcome!

[August 21, 2019] PhD student Razin Sazzad Molla joined M-LEFT. Welcome!

Today Razin and Yaofa met for the first time in Yaofa's office. Razin will purse his PhD in the M & IE department at MSU. Razin is the 2nd member and first ever PhD student of M-LEFT.

[August 16, 2019] Yaofa joined Montatna State University as an Assistant Professor. 

Yaofa officially starts as an assistant professor in the department of Mehcanical & Industrial Engineering at Montana State University. He is determined to build a Microfluidics Lab for Energy & Fluid Transport (M-LEFT), where he will study thermal-fluid problems at microscopic scales with broad applications in energy, water, and the environment. Although the lab is called M-LEFT, it is located in Barnard Hall, which is on the RIGHT (east) side of the campus...Haha.

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