Shipping address:
119 Plant Bioscience Building
Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology
P O Box 173150
Montana State University

Bozeman, Montana 59717-3150 USA

Curator: Matt Lavin, email

Curator of fungi: Cathy Crippsemail

Physical location (not part of the mailing address): 408 Lewis Hall

The Consortium of Pacific Northwest Herbaria.
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MONT herbarium specimens focus on the native and introduced flora of Montana and adjacent regions, particularly rangeland and cropland settings given the long history of Montana State University with its focus on all aspects of agriculture. We accept exchange material on a limited basis and this restricted to new county and state records for Montana.

Matt Lavin assists and schedules herbarium users, processes loan or data requests, and accessions and databases herbarium specimens. Because of limited working space and irregular schedules, appointments must be made to visit the herbarium. Please contact Matt Lavin for more information.

The history of the MONT Herbarium dates back to the early 1890's. The type collection consists of 253 holotypes and isotypes, which were collected principally by such notable botanists as J. W. Blankinship, P. A. Rydberg, and R. S. Williams, and secondarily by L. Constance, C. L. Hitchcock, F. D. Kelsey, J. F. MacBride, M. Mathias, A. Nelson, F. W. Pennel, and R. C. Rollins. Tiehm & Stafleu (1990, Memoirs of the New York Botanical Garden 58) cite the type collections at MONT that are relevant to the work of Rydberg.