Frequently Used Acronyms

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AACN-American Association of Colleges of Nursing
AANP-American Association of Nurse Practitioners
ABSN-Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing
ADA-Americans with Disability Act of 1990
AFMSU-Associated Faculty of Montana State University
AHEC/ORH-Area Health Education Center and Office of Rural Health
ANA-American Nurses’ Association
ANCC-American Nurses’ Credentialing Center
ATI-Assessment Technologies Institute
BOR-Board of Regents
BSN-Bachelor of Science in Nursing
BTC-Burns Technology Center
CAI-Computer Assisted Instruction
CBA-Collective Bargaining Agreement
CCNE –Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
CD-Campus Director
CE-Continuing Education
CNE-Certified Nurse Educator
CNL-Clinical Nurse Leader
CON-College of Nursing
CONAC-College of Nursing Advisory Council
CONORS-College of Nursing Office of Research & Scholarship
CO-OP- Caring for Our own Program
CQIR-Continuous Quality Improvement Report
CRRN-Clinical Resource Registered Nurse
CV-Curriculum Vitae
DNP-Doctor of Nursing Practice
DW-Degree Works
EC-Executive Council
F & A’s-Facilities and Administration
FAC-Faculty Affairs Committee
FDC-Faculty Development Committee
FNP-Family Nurse Practitioner
FPMHNP-Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
GAAC-Graduate Academic Affairs Committee
GPA-Grade Point Average
GTA-Graduate Teaching Assistant
IFO-Individual Faculty Outline
KPIs-Key Performance Indicators
MEP-Master Evaluation Plan
MN-Master of Nursing
MNA-Montana Nurses Association
MRO-Master Resource Outline
MRS-Mission, Role & Scope
NCSBN-National Council of State Boards of Nursing
NCLEX-RN-National Council Licensure Examination-RN
NFRC-Nursing Formal Review committee
NONPF-National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculty
NTT-Non-tenure Track
ROTC-Reserve Officer Training Corps
RUOP-Rural/Underserved Opportunities Program
RWJF-Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
SBON-State Board of Nursing
TST-Tuberculin Skin Test
UAAC-Undergraduate Academic Affairs Committee
UPBAC-University Planning, Budget and Analysis Committee
UPTC-University Promotion and Tenure Committee
URC-Undergraduate Research Council
URE-Undergraduate Research Experience Program
USP-Undergraduate Scholars Program
VPR-Vice-President for Research, Creativity and Technology Transfer