The MSU Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) is charged with creation, oversight and maintenance of policies related to campus transportation demand management (TDM).  This includes, but is not limited to policy development, campus access, traffic efficiency and traffic safety. The TAC serves in an advisory capacity to the President, representing the interests of students, faculty, staff and visitors and will facilitate cooperative planning between MSU and other relevant agencies or community partners.

In addition to the MSU Strategic Plan, the TAC is guided in their efforts by the MSU Climate Action Plan (CAP), the MSU Transportation Master Plan (TMP), the MSU Bicycle Master Plan (BMP), the Parking Services Business Plan (PSBP), and the Long-Range Campus Development Plan (LRCDP).



Name Position Represents Term# Ends
Leist, Terry Chair  VP, Administration & Finance Ex-Off  
Kearns, Chris Vice Chair  VP, Student Success Ex-Off  
Brody, Michael Member Faculty Senate 1 11/21
Blackler, Kristin Member Director, Office of Sustainability Ex-Off  
Breen, Stephanie Member All Staff Council Ex-Off  
Fastnow, Chris Member Director, Office of Planning & Analysis Ex-Off  
Gillilan, Kevin Member Chief of Police Ex-Off  
Gunnink, Brett Member Provost/EVP for Academic Affairs (or designee) Ex-Off  
McNeil, Mike Member Director, Office of Disabililty Services Ex-Off  
How, John Member Associate VP, University Facilities Management Ex-Off  
Stump, Tom Member Associate VP, Auxiliary Services Ex-Off  
Vasquez, Michael Member ASMSU President Ex-Off  
Ringer, Chancey Support Parking Services Manager-University Police - ----
Hook, EJ Support Director, Facilities Services - ----
Pearson, Kathryn Support Director, CPDC - ----
Price, Anna Support Active Tranporation Program Manager - ----


The TAC will meet approximately 4 times each year, twice in the fall semester and twice in the spring semester.  Additional meetings may be scheduled by the Committee as needed.


The TAC consists of ex officio members, appointed members, and staff support members.  See membership list on the last page of this document.


Ex Officio Members:  Ex Officio members of the TAC are permanent members based upon their position as university officials.  Individuals must retain their active status in the position to retain membership in TAC.

Ex Officio Members include Provost; ASMSU President; VP Administration & Finance; VP Student Success; Director – Planning & Analysis; Director – Planning, Design & Construction; Director - Disability Services; Chief of Police – University Police; Director - Office of Sustainability; AVP - Auxiliary Services; AVP - University Facilities Management

Appointed Members:  The Chair of Faculty Senate appoints a Faculty Senate member and the chair of MSU All Staff Council appoints a MSUASC member.

Staff Support:  Staff Support members play an important role in providing data, knowledge and insight to the TAC voting members as well as serving on taskforces and working groups as requested by the TAC voting members.  Staff support members do not vote on recommendations made by TAC.

Transporation Coordinator- This position resides in Campus Planning, Design, and Construction (CPDC).  It is the duty of the Transportation Coordinator to ensure that topics brought before the TAC have been vetted across the campus and that input has been gathered from any potentially affected departments. It is the responsibility of this position to implement projects and policies recommended by the TAC. 

Parking Services Manager- This position resides at University Police. The Parking Manager is responsible to day to day operations of Parking Services and will be responsible for parking specific topics that come to the TAC or are recommended by the TAC.

Transporation Program Staff- This position resides in the Office of Sustainability. The Transportation Program Staff is the lead for implementing programs aimed at supporting the use of non-SOV transportation options to, from, and across campus.

Voting Rights:  All appointed and ex officio members have one vote.  Voting members may choose to designate a representative to attend one or more meetings in their absence to exercise their vote by notifying the TAC Chair prior to the meeting(s).  Staff support members do not vote, but are encouraged to participate in TAC discussions.

Committee Member's Responsibilities:  Committee members were selected on the basis of the following: a) the specific responsibilities related to their position (ex officio); b) their particular expertise or knowledge relating to the responsibilities of the committee or the campus in general; and/or c) to represent the interests of a particular constituent group.

In recognition of MSU's commitment to Shared Governance, all committee members are expected to actively participate in all meetings and be an active communication conduit between (to and from) the Committee and their respective governance body (e.g. Faculty Senate, All Staff Council, ASMSU), constituents and/or unit.

Length of Term

Appointed members serve 2-year terms, with no limit to the number of terms.  If the appointed member is not able to serve a full term, a new member may be appointed by the person or entity responsible for making the appointment.

Appointed By

University President


Current-- Terry Leist

Title-- VP of Administration & Finance

Appointed By--

Length of Term--

Advisory To

The Transportation Advisory Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the University President.

Reports Due

Quarterly activity report to UFPB; annual status report to President's Exec Council; other as requested.