Members Present: Royce Smith - Chair, John How, Sreekala Bajwa, John Brittingham,  Christina Fastnow, EJ Hook, Kris Johnson, Mike McNeil, Duane Morris (for Tom Stump), Tom Rogers,Leslie Schmidt (for Jason Carter), Joe Schumacher (for Chis Kearns)


Proxy’s: None


Members Absent: Bill Clinton, Brett Gunnink, Shawn Long, Durward Sobek (for Robert Mokwa), Mike Stanley, Dan Stevenson (for Terry Leist), and Mike Vasquez


Staff & Guests: Jaci Buckingham,Steve Erickson,Olivia Hayes, Candace Mastel, Don MacArthur, Grant Petersen, and Richard Rudnicki



Chris Fastnow motioned to approve the draft minutes from November 17, 2020.

Leslie Schmidt seconded the motion.

The Vote: 10 Aye, 0 Nay.








ITEM No. 4 – RECOMMENDATION – Wellness Center Final Design

Presenter: Grant Petersen


Grant Petersen presented the recommendation for final approval for the design of the MSU Student Wellness Center project to proceed to completion.

Schematic design was previously discussed during UFPB in September 2020. The goal of project is to make modifications to the existing Fitness Center by adding additional spaces to better meet the demands of the student body. The facility includes the following general scope:

  • University Health Partners (UHP): dental services, medical services, counseling and psychological services, pharmacy, Office of Health Advancement (OHA)
  • Recreational Sports & Fitness (RSF): roped climbing, bouldering, functional fitness, aquatics, studio/group-exercise, and improvement to existing general recreation functions
  • Department of Health & Human Development (HHD): biomechanics laboratory, exercise physiology laboratory, nutrition laboratory, chemistry laboratory
  • General: student commons space, group-meeting/multi-purpose rooms, site improvements


The project has focused on providing warm and inviting spaces for a diverse range of people. The space attempts to create balance within a variety of spectra while reflecting community and sustainability.

The Site Plan and building design documents were presented.

The material palette for the exterior of the building was discussed. Precast concrete with a textured finish is the chosen material along the large volume exterior walls. Fins and panels will be a phenolic core paneling and will have a wood/veneer finish to bring warmth and ease of maintenance. A few locations will have either additional phenolic paneling or a true metal paneling. Further details regarding construction materials are being assessed with regard to durability and life cycle value. 

The design team is planning for and working through funding mechanisms for either current or future photovoltaic options. 


EJ Hook motioned to approve the recommendation to approve the design of the MSU Student Wellness Center.

Tom Rogers seconded the motion.

The Vote: 10 Aye, 0 Nay.


ITEM No. 5 – RECOMMENDATION – Jabs Solar Picnic Table Installation

Presenter: Candace Mastel


Candace Mastel presented the recommendation to install a solar-powered picnic table at Jabs Hall.

Archatrak, a local company, has offered to donate a solar-powered picnic table with a roof structure that will provide campus users with a power supply for electronic devices while seated at the bench.  The space selected on the outdoor patio adjacent to Jabs Hall has existing furniture for un-programmed use. This bench would supplement existing furniture.

The picnic table will be located on the southern plaza of Jabs Hall looking up toward Montana Hall. The addition will add covered seating with the convenience of solar driven electrical service including lighting, outlets and USB charging. It’s placement would be cognizant of snow removal and add to the existing student experience with the additional seating and charging capabilities.

Archatrak requests the ability to use pictures of the unit in place (subject to University Communications guidelines) and list MSU as a location of one of their benches in their literature. The donation of the table is not for tax deduction purposes. The MSU Foundation has been consulted concerning this donation and they have indicated they do not need to be involved further.

The product is covered under a one-year standard warranty and life expectancy of the product is currently unknown.
There is currently not a formal policy in place for the acceptance of donations other than what the Foundation provides.

Considerations for UFPB are as follows:

  • Does the installation of this table cause concern for ongoing maintenance of one-off amenities such as this?
  • Does the acceptance of a donated amenity such as this cause concern that in the future other vendors will want to showcase their products on campus?
  • Does this unit compliment the architecture and aesthetics of the outdoor public environment?
  • Does the use of this unit open up the discussion of using other non-standard outdoor furnishings that provide alternative uses like solar power and/or compliment the architecture of the building when placed directly adjacent vs. using the campus standard seating?

Images and specifications presented.


Kris Johnson motioned to approve the recommendation for the acquisition of the Jabs Solar Picnic Table.

Sreekala Baja seconded the motion.

The Vote: 10 Aye, 0 Nay.


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