Members Present: Royce Smith-Chair, John How-Vice Chair, Sreekala Bajwa, Cassie Behm (for Mike Stanley), Bill Clinton, Christina Fastnow, Brett Gunnink, Kris Johnson, Shawn Long, Mike McNeil, Duane Morris, Tom Rogers, Leslie Schmidt), David Singel (for Robert Mokwa)


Proxys: Mike McNeil for Joe Schumacher (for Chris Kearns), John How for Brett Gunnink and Chris Fastnow


Members Absent: Anton Beckerman, John Brittingham, Steve Erickson, EJ Hook, Stella Ryan (for Taylor Blossom)


Staff & Guests: Jaci Buckingham, Jaclyn Liebscher, Candace Mastel



Leslie Schmidt moved to approve the draft notes from December 17.

EJ Hook seconded the motion.

The meeting notes were unanimously approved: 15 Aye, 0 Nay








ITEM No. 4 – INFORMATIONAL – Romney Oval Construction Fence

John How presented the construction fencing plan for the Romney Oval geothermal project.


Color-coded images were presented to illustrate the current fence extents as well as the fence extents which will be installed beginning to mid-February pending contract execution. This will include the entirety of Romney Oval.


The Romney Oval Pedestrian Path Closure Map was presented depicting the wayfinding routes which will be maintained throughout the Spring 2020 Semester as well as during the National Convention of Undergraduate Research (NCUR). Pedestrian access will be directed around the perimeter of Romney Oval. The reason for the closures is to complete the extensive geowell drilling work and utility relocation which will take approximately four (4) months to complete. The geowell drilling timeline begins in March and ends in late fall. The project will try to complete hardscaping during 2020 Fall Semester.

A discussion began regarding using the project and fencing as an opportunity for wayfinding and displaying educational information about Geowells for students and NCUR participants. Staff will follow up with the NCUR planning team.



ITEM No. 5 – INFORMATIONAL – NCUR Wayfinding Updates


Candace Mastel provided updated information regarding NCUR maps and graphics as requested previously by UFPB.


The NCUR map is currently being redesigned with better text and layout with respect to prior comments from UFPB. The three (3) desired pathways to avoid construction will be indicated on the new map and follow similar pathways as laid out in the Romney Hall Pedestrian Path Closures Map.


Sandwich boards will be placed every few hundred feet around Campus and will be coordinated to indicate where buildings are located. SCS Wraps and University Communications have been contracted to produce the individual signage panels. The sandwich boards will be reusable by conference services and the panels have been produced locally for ease of timely modifications if necessary. In addition to sandwich boards, NCUR will staff informational kiosks around Campus and participants will have access to a conference specific app.  All other signage is also being coordinated with University Communications.


The use of bus services provided as part of the conference will be encouraged for participants. There will be motor vehicle parking and bus parking for the conference.



ITEM No. 6 – Bobcat Athletic Complex- Stadium Temporary Ticket Office

Jaclyn Liebscher presented the recommendation to approve the construction and placement of a mobile ticket office along Kagy Boulevard for the Bobcat Athletic Complex (BAC).


Construction of the BAC is scheduled to commence at the beginning of March.  At that time, the current ticket office will be taken offline. A mobile ticket office is being proposed for use on game day and will be repurposed after the project is complete.  The mobile unit will be branded and have four (4) windows with an additional tent off to the side to handle other transactions as needed. The proposed location is along and facing Kagy Boulevard (a vicinity map and indicator of the location was presented). This strategic location allows room for tailgating and other activities in the area directly to the south. The temporary ticket office will only be open on game day when Kagy Boulevard is closed. Patrons will be directed to queue up along the sidewalk on Kagy Boulevard.


Permitting is currently being pursued with the city. The use of this ticket office will not impact the operations at the Fieldhouse and will not impact the pedestrian right-of-way.


The College of Arts and Architecture will work internally with Campus Planning, Design and Construction to potentially design and build the mobile unit. Timeliness of coordination and construction is a critical path; however, CPDC will have to order a unit by April 1st if no other options will be completed.


Athletics has intent to repurpose the mobile unit upon the completion of the BAC project. That purpose has yet to be determined.


Duane Morris motioned to approve the mobile ticket office and location along Kagy Boulevard.

Kris Johnson seconded the motion.

The Vote:  15 Aye, 0 Nay

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