Members Present: Royce Smith - Chair, John How – Chair, Bill Clinton, Sreekala Bajwa, John Brittingham, Christina Fastnow, Brett Gunnink, EJ Hook, Kris Johnson, Shawn Long, Mike McNeil, Duane Morris (for Tom Stump), Tom Rogers, Leslie Schmidt (for Jason Carter), Joe Schumacher (for Chis Kearns) Durward Sobek (for Robert Mokwa), Mike Stanley, and Dan Stevenson (for Terry Leist)

Proxy’s: None

Members Absent: Mike Vasquez

Staff & Guests: Olivia Hayes, Candace Mastel, and Richard Rudnicki


Chris Fastnow motioned to approve the draft minutes from January 19, 2020.
Duane Morris seconded the motion.
The Vote: 18 Aye, 0 Nay.



ITEM No. 4 – RECOMMENDATION – PAAC 1% for Art Policy
Presenter: Richard Rudnicki

Richard Rudnicki presented the updated Public Art & Artifacts Committee Policy which would establish a 1% for Art Program at MSU. This program stipulates the conditions under which any project greater than $150,000 will contribute 1% of their budget to University art/artifacts. The contribution to art is capped at $250,000 per project. Contributions will be placed in the Art Fund, and 15% of the fund will be allocated for maintenance.
Beyond the review process with UFPB, other university groups and constituents will review the proposed 1% for Art policy. If approved by the University Facilities Planning Board, the policy will advance to University Council for consideration. The University Council vote on this proposal will determine if it becomes MSU policy.
Committee members expressed concern about the impact of this policy on their budget and discussed reservations with the project budget threshold that triggers the 1% for Art policy. Committee members requested assurance that this policy will be discussed further with other MSU constituents such as Auxiliary Services, the MSU Alumni Foundation and the MSU Budget Committee as well as others listed in the presentation. By group consensus, UFPB would like to revisit this recommendation at a future meeting to allow time for further discussion amongst stakeholders after initial meetings with identified stakeholders (listed above) have occurred.
Royce Smith motioned to table this motion and to bring the policy for discussion with stakeholders. Brett Gunnink seconded the motion.

ITEM No. 5 – RECOMMENDATION – Gallatin County’s Hazard Migration and Community Wildfire Protection Plan
Presenter: Michael Stanley, MSU Police

Michael Stanley presented the Gallatin County’s Hazard Migration and Community Wildfire Protection Plan and sought the adoption of this plan by MSU. Committee members questioned the impact of this plan on MSU facilities and buildings. Members expressed that they would like more time to review the documentation associated with this recommendation.
John How motioned to table this motion and resume discussion at a future UFPB meeting. Chris Fastnow seconded the motion.

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