Members Present: John How - Chair, Dean Adams – Vice Chair, Kurt Blunck, Brett Gunnink, EJ Hook, David Kack, Duane Morris, Brenden Pelkie, Tom Rogers, Leslie Schmidt (for Renee Reijo Pera), David Singel, Dan Stevenson (for Terry Leist)

Members Represented by Proxy:  Sreekala Bajwa (John How), Christina Fastnow (John How), Joe Schumacher (Brenda York), Glen Steinhoff (John How)

Members Absent:  Michael Everts, Jim Thull

Staff & Guests:  Kristin Blackler, Butch Damberger, David Eitle, Rebecca Gleason, Dani Hess, Taylor Lonsdale, Candace Mastel, Randy Stephens, Leslie Schroeder



Duane Morris moved to approve the draft notes from February 19, 2019.

Leslie Schmidt seconded the motion.

The meeting notes were unanimously approved: 14 Aye, 0 Nay



  1. Clarification of UFPB membership based on 2006 documents and proposed changes:
  • Traditionally, the Chair is the Dean of Arts & Architecture or their representative and the Vice Chair is the Director of Campus Planning, Design & Construction.
  • Traditionally, four faculty positions - two from College of Arts & Architecture, one from Faculty Senate, and one at-large faculty member
  • One at-large representative, preferably from the City of Bozeman Planning Department
  • Ex-officio members: VP of Academic Affairs, VP of Research & Economic Development, VP of Agriculture, VP of Student Success, VP of Administration & Finance, Director of Planning & Analysis, Director of Facilities Services, Director of Auxiliary Services, Director of Disability Services, Manager of Parking Services, ASMSU President
  • One member each from Staff Senate, Professional Council
  • Change: Add a Dean’s Council member (Brett Gunnink)
  • 21 members total, quorum = 11 votes
  1. Committee Charge is under review. Changes are forthcoming.
  2. DISCUSSION: Instead of having two faculty representatives from the School of Architecture, consider replacing one with a representative from the College of Engineering, particularly someone with an energy background.





ITEM No. 4 – RECOMMENDATION – Amend Previously Adopted Name Change

John How presented the recommendation to amend the previously adopted name change (February 19, 2019) from University Services Planning Board to Campus Planning Board.  Based on Dr. Bajwa’s comments after the vote at the last meeting, it was decided the name University Services Planning Board could be confusing.  Most universities call this committee the Campus Planning Board.  However, Campus Planning Board may imply a broader scope than this board covers.  Facilities can mean many things, including roads, sidewalks, buildings, signs, etc., so the former name, University Facilities Planning Board, is appropriate.


David Kack motioned to change the name back to the University Facilities Planning Board.

David Singel seconded the motion.

The Vote:  14 Aye, 0 Nay.


ITEM No. 5 – RECOMMENDATION – American Indian Hall Schematic Design

Jaclyn Liebscher presented the American Indian Hall schematic design for approval.  Last November, UFPB approved extension to reserve the Hannon Hall south lawn for the site of the future American Indian Hall.  The schematic design for the building includes a partial basement primarily for storage and mechanical (size will depend on budget constraints), a first floor containing both public and private student spaces, and a partial second floor for NAS faculty offices.  The schematic design for the site includes an outdoor classroom, outdoor kitchen, native plants, and a trail system with benches, sculptures, gardens, and knolls.  Four areas for public art are planned.

The outdoor classroom will be used during 4x4 summer sessions.  Ethnobotany will be introduced into the landscape.  The outdoor kitchen will be used for the native cooking class (taught by Kristin Ruppel), and the native plants will supply produce for cooking as well as being reference plants. 

Parking is still under consideration.  The parking lot north of Roberts Hall will be removed or significantly reduced, and the Centennial Mall will be extended to South 6th Avenue as part of this project.  ADA parking and reserved spaces for Elder Parking will be worked into the plan, possibly along South 7th Avenue.  The service drive will come in from the east and will accommodate pedestrians primarily; not much traffic is expected.  A circular driveway is a potential solution.  Tom Rogers suggested involving the City of Bozeman now.

The goal for this project is LEED Platinum.  Solar panels are planned.  Brett Gunnink knows of a roof product made in Wales, which looks like a metal roof and contains solar arrays.  Perhaps the feather can be made from this roof product.

Some mature ash trees on southwest corner and some smaller, ornamental trees in front will be removed.  Trees will obscure the view of the building and impact solar energy collection.  Reuse of the trees will help with sustainability goal.

The East Gate will not likely be moved, because it was donated.  David Singel expressed concern that this sends a negative message if the American Indian Hall is located outside the gate. 

Ground Blessing Ceremony will be April 29th at 3 p.m.

Tom Rogers submitted comments on the schematic design prior to the meeting; please find his comments attached.

Brett Gunnink moved to approve the schematic design for the American Indian Hall (specifically the location and footprint on the site), excluding the extension of the mall.  (The mall extension will come back to UFPB for approval at a later date.)

Duane Morris seconded the motion.


Tom Rogers expressed concern about missing structural pieces, which could influence the ultimate design, such as access to city services, existing trees (10-foot minimum separation requirement), access to dumpster site, and the power supply system on southeast corner.  Dan Stevenson confirmed these issues will be addressed in the Design Development phase.


The Vote:  14 Aye, 0 Nay.


Brett Gunnink moved to approve the extension of the site to include the parking and sidewalk area north of Roberts Hall.

David Kack seconded the motion.


Kurt Blunk would like to include some sort of drive-through oval in this area, because it is currently a heavily used drop-off site.  Eliminating this drop-off capability will increase traffic in the SUB oval.  Tom Rogers brought up the treatment for the east end of the mall should be similar to the treatment for the west end of the mall.  Both these items will be considered in the schematic design for the Centennial Mall extension, which will come back to UFPB for approval at a later date.


The Vote:  14 Aye, 0 Nay.


ITEM No. 6 – RECOMMENDATION – Grant Street Demonstration Projects

Candace Mastel presented the recommendation for the Grant Street Demonstration Project, a two-phase project tied in with Earth Week.  The demonstration project will evaluate options for traffic calming and possible closure of part of Grant Street.  Transportation committee recommends Grant Street traffic calming from South 7th Avenue to South 11th Avenue.


The openings of Norm Asbjornson Hall and the Parking Garage have increased traffic along Grant Street, which has affected pedestrian and active transportation safety.  Demonstration projects are temporary traffic calming and closure techniques, which provide useful information through observation, surveys, and community interaction.  The goal is to reduce traffic speed and increase public safety.  The project will last about a month; it will begin the week of Spring Break and end before Spring Graduation. A team (including students) will evaluate the data.  In addition, cameras will be set up along Grant Street for a full corridor study involving traffic volumes and transportation modes.  Simultaneously, the City of Bozeman will set up cameras along Kagy for a similar study.  MSU and the City will share data.  This research can be shared with other universities.


Communication with students will be important, to let them know how intentional this project is.  Many students think MSU puts no thought into parking or traffic flow, so this study can be helpful in raising awareness of MSU’s efforts. This project prepares the public for the fact that something is going to change. 


Two years ago, civil engineering capstone classes came up with a solution for Grant Street closure.  CPDC is aware of the study; it is very good work.


Brett Gunnink moved to approve the Grant Street Demonstration Projects.

John How seconded the motion.

Vote:  14 Aye, 0 Nay.


Horizon Items

  • Donor Plaque Design Criteria
  • Haynes Kiln Yard Fence
  • South Campus Master Plan
  • UFPB Charter Updates
  • Electric Scooter Policy