Members Present: Dean Adams – Vice Chair, Anton Bekkerman (for Sreekala Bajwa), Kurt Blunck, John Brittingham, Brandy Burke (for Joe Schumacher), Christina Fastnow, Brett Gunnink, EJ Hook, Duane Morris, Brenden Pelkie, Tom Rogers, Leslie Schmidt (for Renee Reijo Pera)

Members Represented by Proxy: John How (Dean Adams), David Kack (Kurt Blunck), Glen Steinhoff (Kurt Blunck), Dan Stevenson (Dean Adams)

Members Absent:  Bill Clinton, Jim Thull, Brenda York

Staff & Guests:  Jaci Buckingham, Jaclyn Liebscher, Randy Stephens, Leslie Schroeder, Alissa Taysom



Duane Morris moved to approve the draft notes from March 5, 2019.

Leslie Schmidt seconded the motion.

The meeting notes were unanimously approved: 15 Aye, 0 Nay







ITEM No. 4 – RECOMMENDATION – Annual Art of Physics Art Contest

Alissa Taysom presented the recommendation that the atrium of Barnard Hall be approved for the annual Art of Physics Art Exhibition. 1st and 2nd place will be displayed in the atrium for three years.


The Public Art Committee (PAC) unanimously approved the use of the space on Feb 15, 2019 with a qualifier stating that this is a rotating, short term installation.


Alissa Taysom stated that all displayed artwork is documented for insurance purposes and if a piece is sold prior to the end of the three-year period, the artist must give PAC 30 days’ notice before removing it.    


Brett Gunnick and Tom Rogers expressed concern about the liability of potential damage to displayed art. Alissa Taysom stated that signed documentation received in advance will detail out material cost and hours spent producing the piece.  


Brett Gunnick expressed concern about injury caused by falling artwork. Alissa Taysom confirmed that Facilities Safety & Risk Management would be involved.


Tom Rogers motioned to approve the annual use of the Barnard Hall atrium for the Art of Physics Exhibition.

Brett Gunnick seconded the motion.

The Vote:  15 Aye, 0 Nay.


ITEM No. 5 – RECOMMENDATION – Triennial NAH Art Contest


Alissa Taysom presented the recommendation to approve installation of the selected artwork (illustrated in the staff report). The use of the location was unanimously approved by UFPB on August 7, 2018.


The Norm Asbjornson Hall Student Art Contest review committee selected the proposal of Holden Roberts, entitled “The Human Collective”, a multimedia art installation.  

  1. First Floor: Large chain painting depicting video portraits of people displayed on a TV screen in the center the wall. A wood panel grid surrounds the screen with paintings set inside the face of the larger panel.
  2. Second Floor: The TV will be at the feet of the viewers with a chain painting above and 8 oil paintings surrounding.
  3. Third Floor: A grid of oil paintings.


PAC approved use of the space on July 27th, 2018 and review the selected pieces on January 18, 2019.


Deans Adams asserted that a project of this scale was an invaluable professional and real-world experience for students.


Duane Morris motioned to approve the selected three art installations for Norm Asbjornson Hall.  

Tom Rogers seconded the motion.

The Vote:  15 Aye, 0 Nay


ITEM No. 6 – RECOMMENDATION – Haynes Kiln Yard Fence and Haynes Kiln Yard Fence Public Art


Jaclyn Liebscher presented a two-fold recommendation regarding The Haynes Kiln Yard fence which was removed last year due to severe damage. A temporary chain linked fence installed to protect the yard needs to be replaced with a permanent fence. The proposed new fence design invites Students of Art to publicly display their creative works. Jaclyn proposed two parts to the recommendation:

  1. Approval to rebuild the 200 linear feet of fence with an engineered steel structure of solid steel corrugated panels matching the exterior façade of CAC, looking as though it were a part of the original building design. It will include a double gate to the west, improving the material handling capabilities for the yard. The School of Art has approved this design.
  2. Approval to use approximately 90 linear feet of fence for displaying artwork. Solid panels mixed with perforated panels allowing art to be attached to the fence. The artwork will be featured on the NE corner (South 11th Avenue facing). The displays could be opened to students and secondary schools and would be rotated. The School of Art has agreed to be responsible for coordinating, approving, displaying, and maintaining the installations. PAC also approved this location and process on March 15, 2019.


Brett Gunnick expressed concerns regarding obstruction of views, which are valuable for stimulating student interest. EJ Hook reasoned that due to the area looking trashy (with broken ceramics all over the ground and views of the dumpster), it had been discussed that controlled views would mask the unsatisfactory appearance of the yard.


EJ Hook motioned to approve the Haynes Kiln Yard Fence design with a controlled view component.

Christina Fastnow seconded the motion.

Vote:  15 Aye, 0 Nay.


Christina Fastnow motioned to approve the Haynes Kiln Yard Fence public art display.

Leslie Schmidt seconded the motion.

Vote:  15 Aye, 0 Nay.


ITEM No. 7 – RECOMMENDATION – Plaque Design Criteria


Randy Stevens presented the recommendation to release the management of honorary plaque designs and displays to Campus Planning Design and Construction (CPDC).


To expedite the review process of the multitude of annual requests for the creation and implementation of donor recognition displays, the CPDC is asking UFPB to release the management of these requests and assign the approval of the displays, including location, text and material, to the Director of CPDC in accordance with the Commemorative Tributes Policy.  CPDC will provide an annual report to UFPB, identifying the number and type of requests, and to review the effectiveness of the process.


A designated set of criteria will be assigned for evaluation of the donor recognition display (listed on the staff report).


A concern was raised about vetting reputations of Honoree’s. Randy confirmed that these decisions were already vetted by the Commemorative Tributes Committee. 


Christina Fastnow motioned to approve UFPB releasing the management of the Honorary plaque to CPDC.

Duane Morris seconded the motion.

Vote:  15 Aye, 0 Nay


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