Members Present: Royce Smith-Chair, Sreekala Bajwa, Cassie Behm (for Mike Stanley), Brett Gunnink, Chris Fastnow, Kris Johnson, Mike McNeil, Duane Morris, Tom Rogers, Joe Schumacher (for Chis Kearns), David Single (for Robert Mokwa)


Members Absent: John How-Vice Chair, Anton Beckerman, John Brittingham, Bill Clinton, Steve Erickson, EJ Hook, Stella Ryan (for Taylor Blossom), Leslie Schmidt


Staff & Guests: Jaci Buckingham, Michelle Cook, Richard Droski



Brett Gunnink motioned to approve the draft notes from February 18, 2020

Kris Johnson seconded the motion.

The meeting notes were unanimously approved: 11 Aye, 0 Nay








ITEM No. 4 – RECOMMENDATION – Romney Oval Flagpole Relocation

Grant Petersen presented the recommendation to approve the relocation of the Romney Oval flagpole to the south side of Montana Hall.


The existing flagpole was removed to accommodate the extensive geowell work and utility relocations in the Romney Oval.  It was not sufficiently designed to support the correct flag size for its height and did not meet the current code.  The flagpole was demolished as part of the Romney Hall Project. The new flagpole will be properly designed to code to serve MSU and relocated on the south side of Montana Hall along Centennial Mall. This new location is in the line of sight of Romney Hall and more central and prominent on campus. 


David Singel motioned to approve the recommendation as presented.

Kris Johnson seconded the motion.  

The Vote: 11 Aye, 0 Nay


ITEM No. 5 – RECOMMENDATION – BAC Temporary Ticket Office

Grant Petersen presented the recommendation to approve the use of the old parking booth for the temporary Stadium ticket office.


On January 21, 2020, this Committee approved a new four ticket window mobile office that would be placed against the Kagy Boulevard sidewalk on game day for the 2020 season. In an effort to save the project thousands of dollars, the parking booth from the lot which was torn up for the construction of Norm Asbjornson Hall has been offered for our use as an alternative. The structure would be cleaned up and modified based on the Ticketing Office needs. This option has been vetted with Athletics and Sports Facilities to meet their requirements and will need additional vetting with the City of Bozeman to ensure it meets their building standards.


Tom Rogers motioned to approve the recommendation as presented.

Kris Johnson seconded the motion.

The Vote: 11 Aye, o Nay




ITEM No. 6 – INFORMATIONAL – Wellness Center Information Committee Update

Grant Petersen presented an update from the Wellness Center Information Committee.


The Wellness Center, once constructed, will integrate University Health Partners and all of their student health services including Medical, Counseling and Psychology Services, Dental and the Office of Health Advancement into the same facility as Recreation.  This will broaden student access and serve as a reminder of their access to other resources.   


The planning and design firm hired for the project has done much outreach with students since September and continues to evaluate how we can accommodate the mental health component of their wellness.  Planning principles and funding mechanisms are being assessed. Insurance money from the loss of the gyms will fund a little over half of the cost of the project.  Remaining funding will be raised from student fees. A ballot on the student elections slated for April 14th and 15th will include a vote for a $58 per student per semester fee to help fund the facility. This fee will support construction and design efforts. 


Health and Human Development will be integrated into the facility; however, authority and funding for this department is related to the Romney Hall project.


Initial programing phases are being finalized and schematic design will continue through June.



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