Members Present: Dean Adams – Vice Chair, Sreekala Bajwa, Steve Erickson, Christina Fastnow, Brett Gunnink, EJ Hook, John How, Kris Johnson, David Kack, Mike McNeil, Duane Morris, Tom Rogers, Leslie Schmidt (for Renee Reijo Pera), Joe Schumacher, David Singel, Glen Steinhoff, Brenda York

Members Absent: John Brittingham, Bill Clinton, Brenden Pelkie (for Taylor Blossom), Michael Stanley

Staff & Guests:  Mike Becker, Jaci Buckingham, Karen Hedglin, Candace Mastel, Leslie Schroeder, Randy Stephens



Duane Morris moved to approve the draft notes from April 2, 2019.

Tom Rogers seconded the motion.

The meeting notes were unanimously approved: 14 Aye, 0 Nay








ITEM No. 4 – RECOMMENDATION – Parking Lot Blade Signage

Candace Mastel presented the recommendation to approve the modified parking lot blade signage design and materials.


On March 5, 2019, UFPB approved the use of a blade sign, that was like the NAH blade signs, for use on general campus as well as near parking lots. During the last few months, University Police and Parking Services have been working with staff on modifying the original design slightly for their use, and to provide a more visible wayfinding element that is taller and less wide than the originally recommended blade sign. The dimensions of the current proposed blade sign for parking lots are 18 inches wide by eight feet tall. A total of 50 signs will be mounted on a concrete foundation at grade near the entrances to parking lots.


The signs will have a “P” denoted at the top, lot numbers and a character, such as an animal, which will identify the type of parking for the specific price point. CPDC staff is still working with the Consultant and University Communications to determine the exact design of the graphic or signage elements.


The material is powder coated steel wrapped with vinyl. The wrap can easily be changed and not easily vandalized. The Consultant is working on the details, so it remains cost effective, retains structural integrity and improves on the  current NAH sign.


Brett Gunnink motioned to approve the general design of the parking lot wayfinding blade sign element for use on campus at the entries to parking lots.  

Sreekala Bajwa seconded the motion.

The Vote:  14 Aye, 0 Nay.


ITEM No. 5 – INFORMATIONAL – Temporary Gym Structures


Karen Hedglin presented the plan to install temporary structures for recreational and athletic needs due to the loss of the facilities at Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center.


Two temporary, air-supported, dome shaped structures have been chosen to house these recreational and athletic needs. The structures will be placed east of the Tennis Center and South of the Parking Garage, directly over the top of the exterior tennis courts. There will be one modular restroom facility on the east side of the north dome. Upon removal of the dome structures, the existing exterior tennis courts will return to their previous exterior use.


The north dome will be constructed directly over the top of the exterior tennis courts. The modular restrooms contain four toilets each for men and women. There will be no shower. The interior will consist of four mult-iuse courts with modular sports flooring. 


The south dome will be built directly south of the existing exterior tennis courts, the green space. The south dome is smaller in size and will have a portable wood floor like the Fieldhouse uses for basketball games. The wood floor will be reused at the Fieldhouse once temporary structures are removed. Access for both facilities will be via CAT card.


Key maintenance activities will include snow removal from the surrounding pathways around the domes, monthly checks on generators, and preventative maintenance on the main heat and inflation mechanical unit.


Also discussed: Proxies may be given to existing members or a designated representative


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