Members Present: Royce Smith- Chair, John How- Co-Chair, Sreekala Bajwa, John Brittingham, Bill Clinton, Christina Fastnow, Brett Gunnink, EJ Hook, Kris Johnson, Shawn Long, Mike McNeil, Duane Morris (for Tom Stump), Tom Rogers, Leslie Schmidt (for Carter Jason), Joe Schumacher (for Chis Kearns), David Single (for Robert Mokwa), Dan Stevenson (for Terry Leist)


Members Absent: Cassie Behm (for Mike Stanley), Mike Vasquez


Staff & Guests: Christian Black, Jaci Buckingham, Tracy Ellig, Stephen Erickson, Olivia Hayes, Kevin Hyde (MT Climate Office), Don MacArthur (MMW Architects), Candace Mastel, Grant Petersen, Richard Rudnicki, William Walker



EJ Hook motioned to approve the draft notes from April 21, 2020.

Leslie Schmidt seconded the motion.

The Vote: 17 Aye, 0 Nay.








ITEM No. 4 – RECOMMENDATION – BART Farm Weather Station

Presenter: Richard Rudnicki


Richard Rudnicki presented the recommendation to approve the BART Farm Weather Station.  The site plan illustrates the Weather Station’s minimal impact on the surrounding landscape as well as emphasizing its future contributions to data-collection. The plan was reviewed and approved by the State Historic Preservation office and is consistent with MSU policy.


The fencing around the structure was presented as an optional component of the project by the Montana Climate Office. MSU has determined the fence will be included.


The City of Bozeman sought to confirm the structure has acquired the appropriate permits given that it falls under county jurisdiction. John How confirmed that the Weather Station is exempt from country zoning jurisdiction.


Brett Gunnink motioned to approve the recommendation.

John How seconded the motion.

The Vote: 17 Aye, 0 Nay


ITEM No. 5 – RECOMMENDATION – Wellness Center – Schematic Design for Recommendation

Presenters: Grant Petersen and Don MacArthur


Grant Petersen and Don MacArthur, of MMW Architects, presented the Schematic Design recommendation for the Wellness Center. The project is focused on strategically integrating University Health Partners (UHP), Recreational Sports and Fitness (RSF), and the Department of Health and Human Development (HHD) into a single, holistic Wellness Center model. The project is on track for completion of Design Development (DD) at the end of 2020 before completion of Construction Documents (CD) next spring.


The proposal utilizes the existing Fitness Center as much as possible. The façade and exterior design are balanced with the other structures in proximity to Grant Street. The common area connects the different aspects of Wellness in order to reduce the barriers to access services and opportunities. It is also intended to be a pedestrian thoroughfare in order to draw many people into the building and further integrate it with campus.


The vision for the future is to create an energy district utilizing the Romney geothermal wells, which would include the Wellness Center.


Duane Morris motioned to approve the recommendation.

David Single seconded the motion.

The Vote: 17 Aye, 0 Nay



ITEM No. 6 – RECOMMENDATION – Wally Byam Pavilion Siding

Presenter: Bill Walker


Bill Walker presented the recommendation to re-side the storage space at the Wally Byam Park Pavilion. The refurbishment is needed to respond to the increased usage of the Pavilion due to Covid-19 and to address the natural deterioration that has occurred during the structure’s lifetime There is currently no long-term plan to replace the facility. CPDC plans to install hardy board with batten boards for the siding and will select the final color tone and siding material based on availability and price.


Tom Rogers motioned to approve the recommendation.

Leslie Schmidt seconded the motion.

The Vote: 17 Aye, 0 Nay



ITEM No. 7 – INFORMATION – Poster Sign Process

Presenter: John How


John How presented the information item regarding the Poster Sign Process. Signs and posters must be approved by MSU University Communications prior to dispersal. Facilities Services also must be notified to ensure that all signs are properly posted and maintained.


Content for the Campus Wayfinding Signage project was previously created; however, the project was put on hold in March. Approval is needed to determine if and when the project will continue.



Horizon Items

Rainbow Crosswalk

Parking Garage Closure October 2nd