Members Present: Royce Smith- Chair, Sreekala Bajwa, Brett Gunnink, EJ Hook, Kris Johnson, Shawn Long, Mike McNeil, Duane Morris (for Tom Stump), Stella Ryan (for Taylor Blossom), Leslie Schmidt (for Renee Reijo Pera), Joe Schumacher (for Chis Kearns), Mike Stanley

Proxy’s: Sreekala Bajwa for David Singel (for Robert Mokwa)

Members Absent:  John Brittingham, Bill Clinton, Steve Erickson, Christina Fastnow, John How, Tom Rogers, Dan Stevenson (for Terry Leist)

Staff & Guests:  Jaclyn Buckingham, Candace Mastel, Anna Price



Duane Morris moved to approve the draft notes from September 17, 2019.

Leslie Schmidt seconded the motion.

The meeting notes were unanimously approved: 11 Aye, 0 Nay








ITEM No. 4 – INFORMATIONAL – All Staff Council Update

Candace Mastel provided information regarding the newly established All Staff Council (ASC) following the dissolution of the Staff Senate and Professional Council. ASC will represent all staff, while Faculty will continue to be represented by Faculty Senate.  


Shawn Long will now represent ASC for UFPB, and has replaced both David Kack, former Professional Council representative, and Glen Steinhoff, former Staff Senate representative and newly appointed Chair of ASC.



ITEM No. 5 – RECOMMENDATION – Personal Mobility Device Policy

Candace Mastel presented recommendation to approve the updated Personal Mobility Device (PMD) Policy.


UFPB received a draft of the PMD Policy with a recommendation for approval on August 20, 2019.  The discussion at that time suggested that further consulting with additional campus constituency was needed. After further deliberation with those additional groups the draft policy was changed.


Areas of change in the policy from the original draft are as follows:

  • Pedal-assist E-bikes are permitted where non-motorized PMDs are permitted
  • Vendor based PMDs are permitted on campus except in designated areas
  • Motorized PMDs that provide a human-powered option are permitted where non-motorized PMDs are permitted
  • Administrative closures to any type of PMD are provided for under this policy to assist university officials and staff with providing a safe and courteous environment for operation of PMDs and balancing construction, traffic flow, pedestrian movement, etc.


Since this document was reviewed in August, CPDC has initiated a Slow Your Role campaign, as well as a dismount zone campaign to help alleviate excessive traffic in construction zones.


Anna Price, MSU’s Transportation Program Manager, has been helping with communications and outreach around campus.

Upon endorsement by UFPB, this policy will go to the Transportation Advisory Committee followed by University Council at the beginning of December.  The policy is slated to be in place by January 2020.


Brett Gunnink questioned the method of enforcement if vendor-based PMDs are not allowed on campus. Candace Mastel explained the ability of Geo-fencing technology which has the ability to disengage a device as a means of regulating admittance on campus.  


Mike Stanley commented on the efficacy of keeping the vendor at a distance so as not to give the perception that we are ready to enter into any special agreements.  He also agreed with the right to provide administrative closures.


Joe Schumacher raised the concern regarding the language used for vendor vs. non vendor-based PMDs.   Kris Johnson requested that a distinction be made in the policy between shared system vendors vs. bicycle rentals so as not to eliminate the allowance for “one-off bicycle rentals” on campus.


Brett Gunnink motioned to support the policy with the suggestion to look at language which would make the distinction between shared vs rented PMDs.

Joe Schumacher seconded the motion.

The Vote:  12 Aye, 0 Nay


Horizon Items

Public Art and Artifact Committee Procedures





President Cruzado

Heidi Gagnon, VP Admin & Finance

Julie Kipfer, Communications

Amber Vestal, President’s Office

Jennifer Joyce, VP Student Success

Jody Barney, College of Agriculture

Maggie Hayes, President’s Office

Leslie Schmidt, Asst.VP Research Office

Susan Fraser, College of Agriculture

Julie Heard, Provost Office

Tony Campeau, Registrar

Robin Happel, College of Agriculture

ASMSU President

Frank Parrish, MSU Police

Elizabeth Schmidt, College of Business

Lisa Hespen, VP Admin & Finance

Becky McMillan, Auxiliaries Services

Audrey Capp, College of Business

Ilse-Mari Lee, Honors College

Sarah Maki, Gallatin College

Karen Funk, College of EHHD

Sarah Shannon, College of Nursing

Kathy Marcinko, Graduate School

Candace Mastel, Campus Planning

Laura Underkofler, College of Engineering

David Eitle, College of Letters & Science