Weed Ecology and Sustainability of Agronomy Systems

Recent research funds from the Fertilizer Advisory Committee, Dean Jacobsen and USDA organic program allow me to split my time between work on optimizing inputs on conventional farms (especially fertilizers and herbicides) and on studying the evolution of weed community according to different cropping systems and weed management tactics.

In my research in conventional farms, I am trying to help farmers to optimize their inputs through a spatial site-specific strategy which will maximize their economic profits and minimize environmental impacts. Particulary, We are studying the responses of winter wheat to nitrogen fertilization and weed density (among other variables) to develop a model that predicts yield and protein content in the different areas of a field. This model will allow us to plan a site-specific strategy that will optimize the inputs in the different field areas.

In my other on-going research, I am evaluating the effect of different crops (safflower/clover, peas, winter wheat, lentils, and alfalfa) on the weed community and how that effect varies according to three different weed control practices (herbicide application, soil tillage, and sheep grazing). In this research, our aim is to develop alternative ecologically-based strategies by understanding how the different weed species populations vary depending on cropping system and management. We are especially interested in the perennial community (Canada thistle, field bindweed and dandelion) which is the biggest problem in organic farms.

Recent Publications:

Barroso  J, Maxwell BD, Andujar D, San Martin C, Dorado J, and Fernandez-Quintanilla C (Submitted) Response of Sorghum halepense demographic processes to plant density and rimsulfuron dose. Weed Research.

Andujar D, Barroso J, Fernández-Quintanilla C, and Dorado J. (2012) Spatial and temporal dynamics of Sorghum halepense patches in maize crops. Weed Research, 52, 411-420. 

Barroso J, Andujar D, San Martin C, Fernandez-Quintanilla C, and Dorado C (2012) Johnsongrass (Sorghum halepense) seed dispersal in corn crops under Mediterranean conditions. Weed Science, 60, 34-41.

Barroso  J, Alcantara C, and Saavedra MM (2011) Competition between Avena sterilis ssp. sterilisand wheat in South Western Spain. Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research, 9, 862-872.

Barroso J, Loureiro I, Escorial MC, and Chueca MC (2010) The response of Bromus diandrus andLolium rigidum to dalapon and glyphosate: I. Baseline sensitivity. Weed Research, 50, 312-319.

Barroso J, Ruiz D, Hernaiz P, and Fernández-Quintanilla C (2009) Comparison of three chemical control strategies for Avena sterilis ssp. ludovicianaCrop Protection, 28, 393-400.

Ruiz D, Barroso J, Hernaiz P, and Fernández-Quintanilla C (2008) The competitive interactions between winter barley and Avena sterilis L. are site-specific. Weed Research, 48, 38-47

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