My research broadly address agroecology and invasive plant species ecology issues including: (1) ecological weed management and fitness costs of herbicide resistance in weeds, (2) ecological impacts of invasive plant species including altered soil chemistry, effects on plant community composition, and effects on multitrophic interactions including fungi, viruses, biological controls, and  pollinators, (3) impacts of fire and climate change on cheatgrass invasion, and (4) effects of climate change on crop-weed-disease interactions.

Recent Publications:

Keith B, Lehnhoff EA, Burns E, Menalled FD and Dyer W (In Press) Characterization of Avena fatua L. populations with resistance to five herbicide modes of action. Weed Research.

Lehnhoff EA, Miller ZJ, Menalled FD, Ito D and Burrows M (2015) Wheat and barley susceptibility and tolerance to multiple isolates of Wheat streak mosaic virus. Plant Disease.

Barroso J, Miller Z, Lehnhoff EA, Hatfield P, and Menalled FD (2015) Impacts of cropping system and management practices on the assembly of weed communities. Weed Research.

Herron-Sweet CR, Mangold JM, Lehnhoff EA, Littlefield JL and Burkle LA (2015) Native parasitoids associated with the biological control agents of Centaurea stoebe in Montana, USA. Biological Control, 86, 20-27.

Ward S, Cousens RD, Bagavathiannan MV, Barney JN, Beckie HJ, Busi R, Davis AS, Dukes JS, Forcella F, Freckleton RP, Gallandt ER, Hall LM, Jasieniuk M, Lawton-Rauh A, Lehnhoff EA, Liebman M, Maxwell BD, Mesgaran MB, Murray JV, Neve P, Nuñez MA, Pauchard A, Queenborough SA, Webber BL (2014) Agricultural weed research: a critique and two proposals. Weed Science, 62:672-678.

Lehnhoff EA, Miller ZJ, Brelsford MJ, White S and Maxwell BD (2013) Relative canopy height influences wild oat (Avena fatua) seed viability, dormancy, and germination. Weed Science, 51, 564-569.

Irvine KM, Backus VM, Hohmann MG, Lehnhoff EA, Maxwell BD, Michels K and Rew LJ (2013) A comparison of adaptive sampling designs and estimation methods for autologistic regression: a simulation study using a census of Bromus inermis. Environmentrics, 24:407-417.

Lehnhoff EA, Keith BK, Dyer WE and Menalled FD (2013) Impact of biotic and abiotic stresses on the competitive ability of multiple herbicide resistant wild oat (Avena fatua). PLOS One, Volume 8, Issue 5.

Lehnhoff EA, Keith BK, Dyer WE, Peterson RK and Menalled FD (2013) Characterization of multiple herbicide resistance in wild oat (Avena fatua) and its impacts on physiology, germinability, and seed production. Agronomy Journal, 105:854-862.

Lehnhoff EA and Menalled FD (2013) Impacts of Tamarix-mediated soil changes on restoration plant growth. Applied Vegetation Science, 16:438-447.

Murray JV, Lehnhoff EA, Neve P, Poggio SL and Webber BL (2012). Raising the bar: improving the standard and utility of weed and invasive plant research. New Phytologist, 196:678-680.

Lehnhoff EA, Rew LJ, Zabinski CA and Menalled FD. (on-line) Reduced impacts or a longer lag phase? Tamarix in the northwestern U.S.A. Wetlands.

Lehnhoff E, Menalled F and Rew L (2011) Tamarisk (Tamarix spp.) Establishment in its Most Northern Range. Invasive Plant Science and Management. 4:58-65.

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